Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bookcover Designing is Fun!

Books by Brian Montgomery

A friend, Brian Montgomery, is a writer and about to publish on Amazon. Today I played with creating some bookcovers based on photos of mine he chose. I was surprised at how well they could go with his work. I would never have guessed that.

18 Journeys is a collection of short stories, 5 Blondes is about a detective chasing serial killers, and The Confession of Alan Evans is about an archbishop who confesses a secret to the same detective from 5 Blondes, a sort of sequel-prequel. They all sound intriguing to me! When they are available, I'll let you know and update this post with links.

P.S. My brother's surgery went very well and he is now home recovering. Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

your art is truly fantastic and I do not say that to all the girls....j.ohn

Bobbie said...

I think you have a flair for this type of artwork, I particularly like the "confessions" one. I hope you are over your cold and all better now and your anti-smoking campaign, with a member of 1, is going well. I love U!

jomamma said...

Those look great! You are the perfect person to design his book covers.

Godinla said...

This guy sounds fantastic! Can't wait to read his books and see your covers!

Brian, oops, I mean God.

Anonymous said...

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