Friday, December 18, 2009

Walk and Talk with Me

Walk and Talk with Me, 1, 2, 3, 4 December 14, 2009
West Odessa, Texas

West Odessa is served by a volunteer fire department. The WOVFD station (their mascot is a wolf) is just a block from my home, the sound of sirens so common I hardly notice it. But since adopting my dog Ansel, I have become much more aware again. His breed is 'siren howler.'The gray cardinal, or pyrrhuloxia, is another common resident, another contributor to the ongoing soundtrack of life "Out West." Although you know I adore taking photos of flowers in the warm months, winter has distinct benefits, like bare branches.

Most windmills are in operation in West Texas, pumping underground water for livestock and landscaping. My place has a well and I would love to put a windmill on it, using the water for my orchard. Note to self: One day I'd like to plant fruit trees for an orchard, too.Not much to say except that I liked the contrast of the deteriorating pink porch and the shiny decoration. And that I do get bolder and bolder. My photo philosophy has boiled down to "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission." I'm sure there are gaping holes in that philosophy.


Andi said...

Hi Debi, I haven't commented in a long time, but I wanted to let you know I still follow all of your posts. Perhaps, if I had your gift for words, I could describe how profoundly your photos affect me. Thank you for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

need bare trees - sometimes branches - a d visit and d left words...two years my friend...j

jomamma said...

Your pictures make me homesick.

Bobbie said...

Don't wait too long on the fruit trees if you want to enjoy the harvest in your lifetime :) Plant a tree every year, you'd be amazed at how they add up. We had a great pear crop this year, but a doe with a fawn found them and ya know, I enjoyed that even more.

Don (The) said...

I found your site a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoy your pictures. I lived in Odessa for about 32 years and W. Odessa from 1978 through 1993. It's funny that you live a block from the WOVFD. If it's the one I'm thinking about it's on Tripp. I lived about two blocks away on Riggs and Yuma. Small world. --Don