Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Western Soapberry Studies

Western Soapberry Study 1, 2, 3, 4 (Click any for larger view)
West Odessa, Texas

Another winter case of profound plant love.


Bobbie said...

These drupes look like little nuggets of gold. Lovely.

candice said...

wow - beautiful.

Larry said...

Debi, your photos are lovely and the subject is the source, of course. Could you possibly help our family with a search for some fruit off a Western Soapberry tree, for a school science project? I hope this is not inappropriate, but could you possibly put us in contact with the owner of such a tree (since you did find one to take a photo, maybe you could ask the tree owner if they would be willing to share or sell some of the fruit to a transplanted Texas native, for his chidlren's school science project?) Thank you.

jomamma said...

Debi I must have missed this posting, I wish I'd seen it. Probably too late for you to harvest those. I bought some at the Plano Earth Day Festival last year. They were selling them in little cotton pouches to use as laundry detergent. A bag full of 'berries' worked fairly well. I just didn't know if I should have fished them out before the rinse cycle or not. Would they have release more soap into the rinse water?