Monday, December 28, 2009

With Deepest Affection

"With Deepest Affection" 1, 2, 3 (click on any to see larger)
Multiple locations, multiple dates, multiple beauties

If I pull this off -- that is, posting these pictures of women I love, shot with things they love -- without getting deep into hot water, it will be a miracle. I am brazen!

Beauty #1 taken with the sign that hung many years on her parent's store in a small Texas farm town.
Beauty #2 taken with her very own oil field dog house -- quite the nab -- now used for horse tack storage.
Beauty #3 taken while sitting among wildflowers out in the sun, always her favorite place to be.


nelda said...

Ah, you're so sweet - how could you get deep in hot water? Thanks for calling me a beauty. Love you lots!

Bobbie said...

Love these black and white pictures of West Texas Women!

candice said...

just lovely :)