Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who Are You

"Who Are You?" Little dry weed like salsify, but much smaller
Morgan Marsh
West Odessa, Texas

I don't know what this plant is. It would be rather easy to identify if only it were summer and assuming it were blooming. In its current winter form, I'm drawing a blank except it reminds me of salsify, also known as goatsbeard, but on a much smaller scale.

This plant is from a nearby acre lot I'm calling "Morgan Marsh." It's not a true marsh — nothing like that near me — but rather a low-lying area that accumulates extra rainfall, sometimes floods, and because of that has a diverse collection of wild plants. I've recently adopted it, meaning I'll go once a week to take photos of the plants, bugs, and critters that make it home. It's my "citizen science" project, a suggestion Burr Williams of the Sibley Nature Center often gives nature enthusiasts.

For a personal challenge, I'd simply like to learn to recognize local plants in not only their summer appearance, but their winter one as well. Doesn't that sound like fun?

  • Sibley Nature Center serves the Llano Estacado, an area spanning almost 40,000 square miles of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. A map of the Llano here.
  • J.B. Calvert has an interesting write up describing the Llano.
  • As an example of Citizen Science, there's an initiative to manage non-native invasive plants.
  • If you are interested in what might be available in your area, try Googling your location plus "citizen science" to see what comes up.


Andi said...

It reminds me of a dandelion -- that had a very rough life. :o)

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Andi. Beautifully soft photo and I like the idea of a Citizen's project.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

PS. I thought of you, come and see my last blog post:)

townsendtales said...

Debi, I lived in Big Spring for 6 years growing up (Air Force) and I don't really remember anything very pretty. You are amazing - you make EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL! I just love y our pictures! Thank you for sharing. I am trying to learn from you!

Godinla said...

Regal. Majestic. Royal. You have a way of making the simple lofty.

Take a photo of me so that I can ascend.