Thursday, February 25, 2010

Electronic Winter Bouquet, in the Manner of John M. Mora

In the Manner of John M. Mora
"Electronic Winter Bouquet, in the manner of John M. Mora"
Digital invention using Apophysis (2.08 3D hack) and Gimp (2.6)

Very late one night, I played with a newly installed copy of Apophysis. Apophysis is a fractal-making, free software. After playing awhile, I came up with this image, a piece that I could appreciate because of the privilege of following John M. Mora's work. That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I read John's post announcing he would stop blogging to attend to life's other priorities. "For now." I'll miss having regular doses of his work to see, but owe him thanks for his innovations in art. I wish him the best in everything.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

This is a fitting piece. John is going to be greatly missed. I think he'll like this.

John M. Mora said...