Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have, too.

Leucophyllum, Texas Sage 11
Row of Texas sage at an abandoned house
West Odessa, Texas

I have, too! Been busy that is, even though I've gone quite a number of days without posting here. Here's some things I've been up to.

Well Hello
  • Taking photos. (Surprise!)
  • Uploading photos on my stagnant Flickr acount.
  • Being the last photography buff on the planet Earth to fall in love with Flickr.
  • Buying a year's subscription to unlimited uploads on Flickr for a mere 25 bucks.
  • Trying to stump Flickr with my weird organization desires. Flickr doesn't bat an eye.

  • Thinking a lot about creativity.
  • Emailing with Kris, my Creative Roundtable cohost.
  • Uploading that discussion on CR, "10 Ideas to Boost Work's Value"
  • Creating a couple of bird icons to represent Kris and me. Kris is the tall lithe bird. I'm the short squat bird.

  • Experiencing some warm fuzzies for the feature-rich program (with a "meh" name) XnView, to create contact sheets for my photos. Oo la la and it's free.
  • Enjoying the photo resurgence of A Man A Woman with a completed Issue 5 and new Issue 6. Woot!
  • Facebooking with friends and family. Uh huh, that is too a word.
  • Painting until I ran out of prepared canvases.
  • Playing with the grandkids until I ran out of gas.
And there you have it. The many hats :)


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Bobbie said...

Almost as busy as your dear daughter! You sizzle!

Maya said...

Welcome to the big kids group on Flickr! I'll look for you there.