Friday, February 12, 2010

Look Up

"Look Up" 1,2
West Odessa, Texas

We don't have many tall trees around here (not natives, anyway), but we do have a couple of plants that will naturally grow tall: Spanish Daggers (yucca) and Century Plant (agave) bloom stalks.

I find both of these I photographed curious, though. The Spanish dagger has been "pruned" by something. According to the naturalist crowd on Facebook, it could have been done by a pack rat. A pack rat who doesn't mind climbing apparently.

I'm not sure I've seen century plant pods that look like this one before. There was another century plant next to it and its pods looked like, well, normal yucca-like pods. Did this specimen not get time to set its seed pods? Too tall for me to investigate!

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Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Many great things can be spotted by taking the time to look up. These are...interesting...looking Debi! The curious mind seeks all!