Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old Man's winter Beard

Old man's winter beard
"Old Man's winter Beard" more at Flickr
(Clematis drummondii, aka old man's beard, aka Texas virgin's bower)
along a fence line in a field of mesquite
Midland, Texas

Today's Random Happy Bits
This quote by Texas legendary author, J. Frank Dobie, "If people are to enjoy their own lives they must be aware of the significance of their own environment. The mesquite is, objectively, as good and beautiful as the Grecian acanthus."

Texas Monthly, January 1986, "Voice of a Mythic Land" photo and one page article about J. Frank Dobie.


Bobbie said...

Wonderful. I really love this picture.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

This is so much more than a random jumble of weeds. Beautiful pic in it's own right Debi!

Maya said...

I absolutely agree with that quote!