Friday, March 05, 2010

First tree blooms

Don't be jealous!
Fruit tree (perhaps pear?) in early bloom
West Odessa, Texas

This was a sight for sore eyes yesterday! Enjoying its fresh appearance, though, quickly turned to worry. It's rather early yet, and another frost is very possible. So, I'll do like this bee in the inset and just enjoy.


jomamma said...

Probably a Bradford Pear. You make it look very pretty. Are the mesquites putting on leaf buds yet?

The Green Stone Woman said...

A sight for sore eyes. We are not that far along yet. I can't wait.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I was thinking cherry blossom...but that's because it's what I'd expect here in my neck of the woods:) Lovely pic what ever it is!

townsendtales said...

Pear trees are almost the first to put out their beautiful white blooms. (First seems to be the cherry). We have many on our street and when they are blooming it is quite a sight!