Monday, March 15, 2010

Gopher Plant

Gopher Plant #4 (Form) Odessa Texas Gopher Plant #2 (Flower) Odessa Texas
Gopher Plant #1 Bloom Gopher Plant #3 Closeup
"Gopher Plant" Euphorbia rigida 1,2,3,4 (Click any to see larger)
Master Gardener's Compost Garden
Odessa, Texas

There were two shocks awaiting me when I visited the Compost Garden.

The first was the whole garden had been sheered back. It was quite severe to these untrained eyes. I hope the weed whacker operator knew what he/she was doing. Time will tell.

The other shock was this one blooming plant, left untouched. Its chartreuse blooms were eye-popping against an empty backdrop. I had seen the gopher plant there before, but had no idea it bloomed like this, and so early. Nor would I have guessed it to be part of the Euphoriba family until seeing its leaves as part of what we consider the flower, although the real flower is very tiny. The gopher plant is native to Africa and the Mediterranean. The most famous euphorbia would have to be the poinsettia native to Mexico.



The Green Stone Woman said...

I think you have plants in the wild in Texas that we would grow horticulturally in the Netherlands.

Godinla said...

A-maz-ing photo. I would like to kiss the hand that took those shots

Eeyore said...

Lovely plant. Lovely.

Bobbie said...

Oooooo what gorgeous color!