Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wednesdays are Recycle Day

Wednesdays are Recycle Day

Wednesdays are Recycle Day. The grands love it. Mr. C loves throwing stuff into the right holes and Kit loves the cash from recycling cans.

Remember the embroidered dish towels, the ones that had chores for each day of the week? I'd like to see a green, updated version of them.
Monday: No Meat Day
Tuesday: Declutter Day
Wednesday: Recycle Day
Thursday: Repair Day
Friday: RePurpose Day
Saturday: Farmer's Market Day
Sunday: Family Day


jomamma said...

Great idea! BTW I may be coming to your area in a couple of weeks.... may go to my brother's ranch around the 9th.

Bev said...

Great you have the little 'uns in on the act! And it looks like they are having fun with it.

You are setting them a good example to follow as well.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

My kids were quick to adopt the recycling habit. My son even brought home things from the hospital to recycle as they would have been thrown away there. Good to develope a life habit from a young age!
Love your ideas for the teatowels, although I don't remember the chores ones! I will be doing my own green post soon and will link up to your site:) Can I borrow a photo? I am thinking the homemade produce bag at this point....please?

Anonymous said...

Debi, I just love your list here. You are inspiring and on fire. I love it!

Since we last talked about this, I am no longer buying or using plastic garbage bags, and have cleaned out quite a bit of clutter. We recycle far more than we throw out around here. I've been getting rid of all items that contain chemicals, and have done some good research on that as well.

I think you'll really like a book called 'Death By Supermarket', by Nancy Deville. You can buy it for around $5.00 right now on her website. It contains a lot of very useful information on the chemicals we are each subjected to every day in our food supply, and how to avoid them. Eye opening!

Tom Kamkari said...

I think that its a wonderful idea and everybody should do it.
Tom Kamkari