Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day trip to Stanton, Texas

Cotton...all picked
Near Stanton, Texas

Yesterday, my daughter Audrey and I did a little daytrippin' to nearby Stanton, Texas. Stanton is "home of 3000 friendly people and a few old soreheads."

We took in the courthouse, the old jail, the 1883 adobe monastery, two cemeteries, the downtown where they hold their Old Sorehead trade days. We would have liked to have dined at the old drugstore with the real soda fountain, but sadly it's closed on weekends.

We wound our indirect way home on Farm to Market roads.


John M. Mora said...

nice - you don't call, you don't write....miss ya

Anonymous said...

You inspire me with your awesome day trips. I wish we lived closer so that I could go on some of these with you!

I love the photos, and the widget/link to Flickr. It is enticing me to go see much more. Your day looks like so much fun, and I love the 'old soreheads' line!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I'm wondering how this would look in black and white.

Frances said...

lol johnmmora - love that pic Debi

Joy Logan said...

Your photos are are you and your family!

nicolioso said...

Your photos are wonderful treats for my eyes...I hope you don't mind I decided to follow your blog :)

nicolioso said...