Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know what it is now

Greenthread (Hopi tea) seed head
Greenthread aka Hopi Tea seed head, Thelesperma spp.
West Odessa, Texas. Jan 13 2011

One of my goals has been to be able to identify winter forms of plants I love and know so well in summer. This particular dried seed head used to be a mystery to me. What an unusual structure don't you think? And no wonder I couldn't identify it; it looks unlike its summer self.


Nora said...

That certainly is a very nice photo of an interesting plant in wintertime.

Bobbie said...

This has to be the coolest seed pod ever! I think your goal is very admirable!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I'm with Bobbie! I love the winter dress so much more than the summer. It's really beautiful, as is your photo.