Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nature's Numbers #6 or #2

"Number 6"
West Odessa, Texas

"Number 2"
West Odessa, Texas

Which photo do you prefer?

What you have here is my complete installation and collection of Nature's Numbers. I suspect other photographers do things like this, that is give themselves a little game of themes to play along with their other photographic adventures. Me, I decided to collect found numbers, and this is the subset, my "Numbers in Nature" series. A series of two so far. I suspect that means it isn't really a series yet. Anyway, I do have extra fun keeping an eye peeled for this sort of thing.

If you are ever looking for other ideas for photography (and I suspect some of these ideas could translate to other areas of creativity) read this post "60 Sources of Inspiration for Photography."

For other ideas, of course, the mega site Flickr is a huge inspiration -- and always humbling, too.

Or how about this blog for quirky inspiration where I've been lurking for a while, Things Look Like Things. TLLT takes Flickr photos and groups them into fun categories of her own invention. (I just pulled myself away from there yet again. Eye candy galore!)

And here's another free idea for you -- when you are stumped for a blog post, just write about some great links you've found. :)


nelda said...

Forget the photos, Girlfriend - what an eye you have!!! I'm so impressed! Back to the photos - I'm sure you already know I am going for #1, for the same reason as always - simplicity.

Bev said...

That 'Things Look Like Things' is great - such a stylish blog.

I like Number 2. Who would have thought that a plant could make a number 2 and, apologies to the other plant, but 2 is harder to make than 6, though that is still quite hard for a plant to some up with. So I am going for 2 with 2. A great accident that the bottom leaf was so alined.

Bobbie said...

What a creative idea to photograph stuff that looks like numbers. Of course your creativity always astounds me. Your eye for detail is perfect and I love what you are doing with This or That.

I like #2

Martin Stickland said...

Hey! Very clever, I like this idea and I will now keep my eyes peeled for nature numbers!

Must go to bed now.....goodnight!!!

Joy Logan said...

Your photog is fab...I like number 2,the shape more!

Unknown said...

two, too!
i like the contrast between the background and foreground. to my eye it is more appealing.

Irene said...

I love number 2, that is eye candy to me. I would have it hanging on my wall. I don't care how much it looks like a 2, I like the photograph itself.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

What a clever idea Debi! I like photo 2 because of the soft focus background and the fact that it's so earthy looking!
I too will be seeing numbers now...

Anonymous said...

I like both of these. I like the simplicity of no. 1, but I also like the background color of no. 2. That said, though, I think no. 2 is the one I'll have to pick because it seems a little rarer in its phenomenon than that of no. 1.

Excellent pairings yet again!

Debi said...

Thank you everyone for your votes -- especially appreciated as it draws closer and closer to Christmas day.

Nelda, I vote YOU my biggest ego booster. For years now (23 to be exact) you've been a good friend.

Bev, glad you liked TLLT. She has a unique perspective and it doesn't surprise me that you would "see" it that way, too. I'll accept the apologies on behalf of #6. You are right, though, a 2 is much harder for a plant to do. ha

Thanks, Mom. I am having so much fun with this (and that).

Martin, hope you are feeling better. I'd be interested to see what numbers you find. Remember, though, there only 10 digits. Just in case you somehow -- with your wild imagination -- you invent more.

Howdy Joy! Thank you for voting.

Sue, I wasn't terribly pleased with the background of #2, but there isn't much of a background in #1(#6) is there? Anyway, just goes to show you that what might not be appealing to one, is just the ticket for another.

Oh, see what I mean? Irene likes it pretty well too! Hm. I have something to learn here.

Lisa, if you find a 5 let me know! I've been searching for ages. 1 is a breeze, 7, easy. 8, not too bad, but 5?!

Thanks, D.C. It seems #2 impressed everyone with its clever abilities.

Thank you everyone for voting, and I'm sure you all know that it was flexible, clever #2 that won this round.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

These are great ... I never heard of this ...

I like #2 the best!

~ Diane Clancy

Artists With Artitude said...

These links are great. Thanks, Debi, I need all the inspiration I can get at the moment.

I vote for number 2 because it looks like a delicate swirl, folding upon itself, trying to hide some secret.