Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For Kitten

I learned yesterday that my three-year old granddaughter Kitten "reads" my blog. She has figured out -- on her own -- to click on the little date boxes, look at the pictures, and then hit the back button! I'm utterly amazed. She can even scroll down.

So, especially for Kitten, I added the little shortcut circle on the right so she can go straight to enjoying all the little boxes to click on.


Bobbie said...

I knew that little girl was a sharpie! How clever of her!

Frances said...

It's genetic, must be that clever distaff side of the family!

Neda said...

Debi, you are such a great photographer. And what subjects!!! But you know now: you got me hooked on your collages. Please post some more. I love your style.