Friday, July 20, 2007

Cactus Peeps

Cactus peeps

When I saw these unripe tunas (amazingly that is what cactus fruit is called), I had to chuckle. I could see faces in them. Some sad, some happy, some grumpy, some dumb, some surprised, some goofy. Kind of like any given group of peeps.

Update: Great minds think alike. I posted this before I saw Rima's challenge. Use this one, if you want, as a warm up exercise. Or maybe it could be for the kiddos to do. But whatever you do -- go do Rima's challenge. I can't wait to see everyone's results of the water lilies.

What faces do you see?
  • Go to Picnik
  • Select the Photo tab
  • Then select Get from Website
  • Enter this URL
  • Then go to Create tab
  • And Doodle!


Rima said...

How fun! I saw this post when I was still groggy this morning, but it sure woke me up! I've already done my version on my blog - I'd love to see the others!

Cacti are edible, you know - at least the ones that grow around the Mediterranean. They're plump and juicy - I've never had one, mind you, it was too gross for my little girl's imagination, but now I wonder what they actually taste like.

Frances said...

Funny you should say that Rima. I saw a Mexican recipe for opuntia paddles some time ago. I always loved prickly pears but I never knew anyone to eat them. (is it opuntia?) as usual I type with aplomb and then think 'What?'
Love to see the faces - I shall try these next - playing I mean, not cooking.

Frances said...

the paddles not the pears - my brain is so slow compared to my typing. Have I just contradicted myself? probably

Sarmad said...

How cool... Love the faces...

Never knew that the actual pads are edible. I think Frances refers to the prickly pears which are the fruit that grow on the pads, and these are edible.

In the Levant they are a common fruit; they ripen and are commonly sold on the streets around August. Street vendors have them displayed on large metal trays on blocks of ice, stools are placed around the trays, and people normally sit and watch the vendors as they peal the prickly skin expertly and offer them to eat. Delicious!

Rima said...

What do they taste like, Sarmad? Are they sweet or tart? I'd be surprised if they were actually sweet.

Sarmad said...

Actually Rima they are sweet, juicy and slightly fleshy, yellowish in colour. Full of edible pips.

Sarmad said...

If I remember I will take a picture one day and post it on kmy blog.

Katlynn's Momma said...

Oh My Goodness, I LOVE Picnik. That is so fun! Sadly I was not able to make anything out of the Cactus Peeps since I am using the old ball and chain (ha) type mouse. I did just put a new optical mouse on my Office Depot list.

I so cannot wait to do fun stuff with my pictures of Katlynn and other stuff. It is so going to come in handy for filling all those new frames that I have put in my kitchen. And without your instructions I would have been scared to try Picnik. Thank you.

Bobbie said...

Ahh...I remember the sweet juicy cactus fruits in the hot summer time, all peeled and placed in a bag ready to eat. I remember once, trying to bargain for a better price and the seller saying "la" and showing me all the scratches on his arms. Needless to say I took his price.

Sarmad said...

As promised I posted an entry on my blog with some photos of said fruit as per my previous comment. Check out