Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Devil's Bouquet

Nyctaginia capitata

This is a remarkable little flower with two fun nicknames, Scarlet Musk and Devil's Bouquet. They aren't uncommon, nor do you see huge stands of them. Usually like this one, just a single plant surviving in a sandy roadside. As the name suggests, it has somewhat a disagreeable odor. But I remember there being a wildflower that I thought had an unpleasant smell, until someone said it smelled like chocolate. (Audrey, you know it, and remember that field trip where we learned it was nicknamed the "chocolate daisy?") Then, suddenly it did to me too! Isn't that odd?

No matter how this bloom smells, I love seeing its splash of red (from afar it looks more red than orange as it does here). And aren't its purple stigmas and anthers lovely? When I draw a flower I forget about them, but macro photography has led me to believe I'm missing a very important part (for beauty and functionality) of a flower by doing so.

P.S. I know I haven't been commenting on your blogs lately. I'll catch up in the next few days, I promise.

P.P.S. Good bye July 2007. I'm glad you are over.


Bobbie said...

Your eye is so sharp. I could never get as focused as you are able and the detail is wonderful.

Audrey said...

Mmm Chocolate daisies. ;)

July is over... which means the end of August isn't that far away! woooo!

Hannah's Mom said...

I shake too much! ;) Beautiful, you do amazing work up close.