Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fifth!

Macro mysteries revealed
  • Ye ol' fire extinguisher. Visitors to my older blog might remember how I said Good Night to this guy every night in order to inspire me to keep my kitchen clean. (Long story. Not even a good one.)
  • Most important part of the kitchen: the coffee center. Yep, Folgers.
  • Tomatoes, hot sauce, Miracle Whip, garlic, pecans, yogurt, cheese, and wine. What else could ya need?
  • Bathroom towels in a basket. I have no built-in storage in my bathroom. Really. None. Old houses make you wonder, how did they live in the old days exactly. One towel on a nail?
  • Salt shaker and Turkish coffee cups. And, again visitors to my older blog might remember the Katlynn Drinks Three Cups of Turkish Coffee photo series/incident.
  • Yep, a bathtub. An old one. Just like everything else in the bathroom -- old, but not old enough to be shabby chic. Just old.
  • My Wide-Mouthed Frog sitting next to "Fairy Liquid" (aka Palmolive Oxy dish liquid).
  • Noodle / rice bowl with a ceramic ball do-dad in it. Yet another bookshelf packed with books. Sigh.
  • Macro-macro shot of the Texas-shaped fridge magnet so that you can see the bluebonnets are made out of painted nails. How clever is that! I bought it at a craft show last year, made by a retired gentleman -- he does the wood and nails -- and his wife -- she does the painting.

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Audrey said...

I love the magnet! It's wonderful. How fun it must have been to make something like that. Hmmm....