Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

fire extinguisher

Macro mysteries

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans! And, well, a Happy July Fourth to everyone else! (Why not?) I had thought I would drive around town today taking pictures of everyone flying Old Glory for today's post.

But my vehicle had other ideas. No, it won't start. Yes, again. :(

So, I had to be a little creative while staying at home. Can you identify these household closeups? Or at least make a stab at it? I'll post the answers tomorrow ;)

Oh, and in case you are worried about me being stranded on a holiday, don't be. I have my sweetheart, a neighbor, and my daughter who I'm sure I could hit up for a ride until my car comes back home from the shop. Plus, I have my two feet that can't take me as far, but probably far enough.


Bobbie said...

The red group: Fire extinguisher, gas can, tomatoes.

The white group: Towel, salt shaker, and ice in the freezer?

The blue group: Dish washing liquid?, a bowl, and a plaque?

Good thing you stopped here. It seems to get harder as you go :)

p.s. would you help me with my blog? I moved the visitor map from the heading to the sidebar, but the size is too large and it cut it off. Is there anything that can be done to "float" it on over to the right?

Frances said...

So - you holiday by stretching our minds? Hope you had a good time.
It's the 5th for me so I missed this when I read your stuff last night.
I like the Red White & Blue but no stars and stripes.... Is the plaque Texas? Is there any significance to the items apart from patriotic colours? Or were you being really kind? My first idea was it was all to do with having a relaxing bath - then I realised that the fire extinguisher might ease your mind in troubled times, but wouldnt be a comfortable addition to a bath!
What a nut I am! Trying to be so clever and ending up so silly.
LOL ;-)

Rima said...

Oh, Bobbie darlin', you've got it all wrong! This is it:
- Large lipstick tube
- sunrise from Debi's window
- Red blood cells
- Close-up of a smiling dust bunny
- large glass of milk
- tub full of milk
- foaming latte cup
- Mysterious alien hieroglyphs
- Texas blooming with blueblonnets seen from a plane

No? then maybe:
- A gas canister (I thought it was that before reading Bobbie's entry)
- One of your lovely carved soaps
- I have no idea!
- folded towel
- salt shaker
- sink or bathtub
- shower curtain
- noodle bowl
- fridge magnet (love it!)

And that's before my morning coffee!! Make it harder next time, I only missed 3! I think,hehe

That was fun, thanks!

Rima said...

Oh, how rude of me - Happy Birthday, big scary neighbour to the South! I was still giddy from all the partying for Canada's 140th birthday on the 1st. Cheers, everyone!

Anonymous said...

The comments nailed everyting except I think red # two is a Folger's coffee can. I couldn't figure out white #3, though I'd guess something in the bathroom like a tub.

Debi said...

Mom, I'd be happy to help you. I'll call you or email you.

Frances, the plaque -- actually a magnet -- is the shape of Texas, and the famous Texas bluebonnets. Everyone who has every lived in Texas has something in shaped like Texas. It's a state law, I think.

Frances, no I wasn't being witty. Just stranded at home on Independence Day. Had to post something quasi-patriotic.

Rima, you are hoot! I love your first series of guesses. My favorite? The smiling dust bunny. ha! I have a hundreds of them around here, smiling and otherwise.

Anonymous: a kindred soul. Yes, Folgers. But of course.

Audrey said...

ooo What fun. Too bad everyone's already guessed everything. *sigh*

Neda said...

Happy 4th and may Peace reign everywhere in this tiny planet! Have a margarita for me!