Monday, July 16, 2007

Kitten's chickens

The gimpy-legged one

So, after a long wait, last night was finally the night for Kitten to pick up her chickens from Jorge.

Mr. Big suggested we pick them up after dark, after they've gone to bed to roost. This as opposed to chasing them all over the yard -- pretty smart thinking. He was right, and in about 5 minutes we had easily gathered up the ten surviving young chickens and loaded them into the back of Star Bright's SUV.

They aren't quite as cute as they were on this day, but let's hope they take after their Mamas and are good layers. Matter of fact, let's keep our fingers crossed that most of them turn out to be hens!

P. S. Here's an interesting Blog article on how to sex chickens. And no, I'm not talking dirty. It means how to tell the hens from the roosters before they are grown.


Audrey said...

That chicken looks ferocious. But what fun! Maybe sis will take some more photos?

Bobbie said...

Oh Happy Day! If these chickens are anything like my game chicken they will not be very aggressive and a little timid. Katlynn will be the perfect chicken tamer as animals respond to her.

Frances said...

Chickens - wow they grow up so fast.
good survival rate on these.

Katlynn's Momma said...

Day 1 with the chicks:
We lost the 3 littler ones. I am sure they will be back. Two of the larger got out and I had to run around in the pasture (pregnant and in my nightgown) to catch the little boogers, luckily I did.

Day 2: Little chicks came back, then left again. I am assuming they can get out of the larger holes in the coop. Debating if I should fix it or wait till they are too big to fit in and out...
I did try a few things to sex the chickens and the best rate that I saw was turning them on their backs and seeing how long they kick. Strange thing, I think all the yellow legged chicks are going to be roosters. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Katlynn's Momma said...

Hey just read down on the comments on the Keeping Chickens blog and someone said yellow legs are roosters. Wow!