Friday, August 03, 2007

Courageous Lion

Chinese lion

And some days are like this courageous lion. Here's hoping everyone has a courageous day.


Bobbie said...

As my mom, Polly, used to say: Give 'em hell!

Audrey said...

Hey! What's that I see in the background? Why it's a Whataburger! Mmm...... soggy fries... yum. I can't wait to eat you again.

Frances said...

he is a dragon-type lion - I love those kind but ferocious chinese lions
have a powerful day

Neda said...

It's funny Debi: I was just about to post something about a tiger...We are in the same boat nowadays...Love, Neda..Hey, I think I'm going to post it now (will this count as "2 things"?)