Saturday, August 04, 2007

Skeleton Plant

lygodesmia texana

This is one of my all-time favorite wildflowers here in West Texas.

Usually I see only a few of them a year. This year, it is in almost every roadside and field. Could be all the rain we've been having, or could be that, with camera in hand, I'm more aware of what is blooming and where.

It is nicknamed skeleton plant because when the flower blooms -- that's when you notice it -- the leaves are all gone.

Supposedly it can be easily grown from seed. Why is it that flowers that grow wild are the most intimidating to grow to me? One day I am going to have an all-native wildflower garden.


Hannah's Mom said...

Beautiful!!! I love the lilac color (is that the right color?) :). Do refreshing...

Bobbie said...

I think this photo should be called Heart of a flower because it suits the picture and the photographer.

Only this year have I become somewhat successful in growing my patch of wildflowers they were planted 7 years ago). I weed the ones I know are "weeds" which allows the "flowers" to grow. It is amazing how flowers are just now blooming that were planted back then. I keep adding to the mix, little by little every year. So don't give up, just pull the big "weeds" every so often :)

Rima said...

That's not a flower, that's a glass sculpture! How awesome (in the old sense). And what a great photographer you are.

BTW, how did you manage to sneak in and take a picture of me? that wasn't a surly frog in your older post, that was me - or at least my spitting image in the morning.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Thankyou for the link Debi:) Yes definately a cousin of the flower I snapped! That is funny. It is funny how the stamen appears almost metallic. It did in my one too and I wasn't sure if I had over exposed my shot or if it was really like that. I feel better now having seen yours:) I relate to what you said 'seeing now that you have your camera in your hand..' I am sure that makes a huge difference to what we see and what we SEE.
I just wish I had found your blog sooner!