Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rima's Digital Art Workshop Deux

Rima's Marazine blog Assignment #2 Frida Opens a Flower Shop

What I did:

I would select various parts of the image and while still selected, I would use "paste into" to paste various photographs of mine of flowers, a broken window, a clay head I made of Frida, a shot of the moon, etc. It is a different technique than regular paste and I would highly recommend your trying it some time. While in that mode you can "transform" that pasted item to rotate it, resize it, skew it, etc. which I did to scale things to my liking.

I changed the "Gift" shop to a "Flower" shop.

After I got all the components in (when to stop?), I flattened all the layers and then pasted another layer of the same image at 50% opacity, and did a guassian blur on it. This helped blend the image a little better.

Again, I flattened all the layers, and then using lighting effects, I put a soft light on it (this helped give it the dreamy evening look), and then lastly, put a film grain on it, and faded the effect down to 30%.

This is one of the more complex things I've done, and I'm not entirely satisfied with the results (I see quite a few impatient boo-boos), but I did stretch my abilities. I had often thought I would like to try a digital collage using my own images only. As an opportunity to try new things, and to learn, it was a huge success and I appreciate Rima putting us to this challenge!

FifteenSixteen images I used (can you find them all in the Flower shop?):


Hannah's Mom said...

I love it Debi! You are so patient. I find it hard to sit and do this. Go, Go, Go. :) It is beautiful, i love it!

Bobbie said...

Holy Cow! What an amazing picture. And you are amazing for creating it in photoshop. I was able to find bits of all 15 photos, I think. A wonderful and fun image!

Audrey said...

Ha. I feel like I'm playing "Where's Waldo?"

Very nice. Very very nice.

Frances said...

I love this exuberant picture - so lively and cheery and I'm glad you found out how to do this. I struggled with trying to alter the windows and doors and gave up because I couldn't work out how to do it. Lovely and interesting. I agree with Audrey, nice to search out the hidden pictures, a collage - and an interesting method for producing a collage at that. clever lady

Frances said...

Ah - at last I found the shirt.

Audrey said...

Thank you Frances for giving me the much needed clue! I was staring at it for half an hour yesterday trying to find it. I passed right over it a million times. =P

Rima said...

Talk about a transformation! You have a truly wonderful imagination. I love the surrealistic, pop-arty collage - you were not constrained by the original image, but truly inspired to take a very big leap. This in turn is so inspiring to me! I love that we're all pushing each other to try new things, especially the digital collages - like this gorgeous one or the disturbing one Fawzan made of the lily.

Details: I agree, paste into is amazing. More ideas for more posts, more workshops, thanks!

Rima said...

Frances, you're a genius (well, Debi is the original genius of course)

Neda said...

Watch out Laura Ashley! A funky new designer is in town! Breathtakingly beautiful.