Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brash and Luster

2 Things Challenge

"Brash" is an old tattoo shop here that's been around forever, even before tattoos were cool again. I would say guess that when getting a tattoo, one wouldn't want to be brash about it.

"Luster" is a little beetle caught in a sudden gust of wind while hanging on to some luster-y, bluster-y grass.

And here's something extra today. A mini-tutorial. Lisa from New Zealand asked how I do my "calendar" and it's not hard, really.
After posting your daily post, doing my calendar format means every day you have to edit the calendar. You replace that day's date box with a thumbnail and then link the thumbnail to that day's post.

In order for the calendar to show at the top, you have to change the date and time of the calendar so it's at least a minute later than your latest post. You go to "Edit Posts," select your calendar post, and at the bottom select "Post Options" where you can fiddle with the date and time for the calendar.

Ok, so what does the calendar look like? Well, it took some time playing, but the best fit for my blogger template was 80X80 (pixels) box for each day. I used Photoshop* to create 32 individual images (white boxes with a black border), entered the numbers 1 through 31 in them, and left one blank. You'll upload all those boxes, arrange them properly for that month's calendar, and using the blank boxes to fill in around the beginning and end of the month .

Here's one more pointer, probably a really helpful one -- I copied the calendar post before I used it, saving it as an unposted post. Each new month I open that unused calendar, copy it, and then paste it into a new post for the upcoming month, re-arranging the weeks as necessary.
And there you have it. It's not magic, just a bit of trickery really. And it's a willingness to do two things for each post: post your post and edit the calendar. Feel free to use my technique, or any modification of it, if you like.

*You'll need some software to create your numeric boxes and to make your daily thumbnails. If you don't have Photoshop, there are several free alternatives. For creating the boxes I found that allows you to start with a blank image, add text, etc. For editing photos and making thumbnails, I suggest Both are free (some of picnik's advanced features are pay-for), both work with Wins or Macs, and you don't have to sign up to use either of them.


Neda said...

I have been trying to create collages for the 2 things challenge but my mind has been a mush. This particluar challenge was, well, quite challenging and I do like your interpretation of it. You have a knack for finding unusual angles of interpretation, and I love that. Thank you for explaining (once again) the calendar set-up, I am afraid I am a complete idiot because I still don't know how to do it. Would you consider being a paid consultant on the side for all of us (well...basically me) who are completely computer illeterates? I mean it.

Bev said...

You certainly caught the luster on the beetle and grass with this macro shot!

Like the tattoo shop. I think tattoos go through phases. Once it was a certain type of person who got one, then the whole thing opened out. I've got one! Sad to say, I do think the coloured ones are naff and brash. But the ethnic ones are great, I hasten to add, (in case Lisa is reading!) and your husband's are GREAT! His arms look VERY nice!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

Great Brash and Luster photos!! It was right before my eyes ... thank you!

I think we should encourage the tattoo shop to go orange and pink ... way cool ... and let the public know they are willing to work on women too *smile* ...

I like your calendar - thanks for explaining it!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Very clever Debi! I absolutely LOVE your beetle shot (and I am a wee bit green with envy over your macro function!) That is a great shot, not just because of the detail but because it is so unique and it could have been lost so easily. The beetle may have dropped, become dinner for a bird...

Brash was great too. Good idea doing the tattoo shop!
YES Lisa is reading :)
I have my own tatt's done (don't tell anyone but I actually have pink AND orange flowers ok? lol)

AND THANKYOU sooooo much for taking the time to do the calender post for me! You are so kind! I don't have photoshop but I am going to check out those links and give it a go. Thanks heaps!

Off to bed now, less than an hour to midnight on the 26th here in NZ!
Lisa :)

Debi said...

All, it was a fun challenge this time, eh?

Neda, I confess, I went through my photos from last week, rather than taking shots specifically for the challenge. Kind of like the way you do your work -- it comes to you as you go, rather than pre-planned. P.S. I'm going to email you about the computer part of your comment.

Bev, the luster shot was my favorite of the two, too. Little beetle hanging on for dear life.

Diane, LOL. Great idea. It would garner attention, wouldn't it?

Lisa, you made me laugh. I'm sure your orange and pink tatts are lovely and I promise not to tell. ;)

Rima said...

How clever, this calendar set-up! Hats off, you are a master of organization (in a visionary sense and in the execution of your ideas). Kind of like those small zen arrangements you have around your house. Love it.

Bobbie said...

The old head shop would be great for a tattoo shop wouldn't it? Someone should take that idea and run. I love your entries for this challenge and have been very pleasantly surprised with the entries as a whole. dh would be amazed if I could only get him to blog.