Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sherwood Village

Sherwood Village shopping center sign, 42nd Street, Odessa, Texas

I love these old signs. And I might add that I am old enough to remember when these "old" signs were new and modern-looking!


Bev said...

Great piece of modern utilitarian art this. A sign of signs! It certainly points you to the Sherwood Shopping Centre. I often think that the sign makers and the advertisment makers make some very good art. It is art that has to work and make people think, otherwise they don't use it. Certainly some of the best bits on the telly are the adverts.... Interesting to see this sign as you don't get such extrovert signs round here! Sorry about comparisons again ('are odious'?)but it is often the first thing which springs to mind because I don't have many opportunities to find out about a land so far away!

Bobbie said...

I love your view of the world, Debi. Always different and something very abstract in a way. You took this old sign that I remember very well and turned it into art!

Debi said...

Hey Bev, I love comparing things between here and there -- not odious to me at all. I look forward to your comments about the differences. Diversity -- even in lowly "adverts" -- still exists, eh?

Mom, you are always so encouraging. Thank you for so many things, including -- dare I embarrass you to say it again -- the remarkable gift of the very camera that I get these shots with.

Bev said...

Yes, if the sign wasn't 'art' before, you have certainly made it into art!

Actually, probably 'design' was the word I should have used orginally lol

Neda said...

I always imagine Odessa to be like a town frozen in time (in a good way), just those old American movies we used to watch in Lebanon. Your post reminds me of The Last Picture Show, I don't know why...Austin has become too modernized too fast..