Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blue Feathers -or- Kimono Fabric

"Blue Feathers"
Western Soapberry leaves,Sapindus drummondii
West Odessa
Odessa, Texas

"Kimono Fabric"
Western Soapberry berries,Sapindus drummondii
West Odessa
Odessa, Texas

So today's "This or That" theme is a question I asked myself -- What happens when you use Photoshop to invert an image? A delightful surprise! Yellow becomes blue, light becomes dark, dark becomes light. Leaves become feathers and berries become fabric.

It has been really interesting to me already to see the "votes" for This or That. I post only pictures I like, however when I put two together I do have a clear preference. Until this experiment, I had assumed yours would be the same choice. It's been enlightening to me to hear your explanations and your preferences, most especially when it's about the one that had been my personal second choice. I am learning and growing thanks to you. Thank you.

So, enlighten me -- which photo do you prefer?


Rima said...

SOOOO unfair!!! I refuse to choose - i'll come back and talk some more about it - for now I have to work on a very exciting post just for you and these jaw-dropping images. I have an amazing, amazing idea for you, that includes canvas and paint and these - wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow - you are so inspired and inspiring

Anonymous said...

It turns out that this is less about composition than I originally thought. If the one is a kimono, the other is a sarong. I immediately leaned toward the feather image, possibly because the other seemed so otherworldly. The gentle haze added to that effect. But associating that image with fabric put it in a completely different light. Now I look at both as fabric, for different applications, and as far as I'm concerned, each fits very nicely in their fabric genre.

Hannah's Mom said...

Rima,I so agree with you. I am not choosing... ok, I will choose, I choose both of them! HA!:)Both are you beautiful... just like beautiful girl Debi, you must have had your moments in the sun too. :) (Like the Poe reference?!)

On a side note - Hannah and I love that song. We (I) listen to her music usually on the way to school. Thank YOU and Aundrey for turning us on to Poe. :)

Bev said...

I see you have gone to your favourite blue again!

The DO look oriental, and remind me a little of blue willow pattern plates. Amazing that with photoshop you can traverse the continents!

I like the second one best. It looks almost Zen Buddhist to me, and you could imagine the monks sitting under such an otherwordly minimalist tree contemplating higher matters.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

You can probably predict my vote here- Blue feathers! Although I love real kimomo fabric/ oriential prints...so I was momentarily un-decided. I love the floaty, heavenly appearence to the blue feathers images. Very dreamy.Kids home sick so going off line now!
See you tomorrow:)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh I just noticed something- all the light feathers are at the back with the dark ones at the front. A reversal of the norm, that's why it looks so surreal to me! Very clever Debi. :)

Frances said...

this is difficult for me, because they are both in particular combinations of colour I love. But looking at them closeup, I find the first one has a light I love - and having found that light, I prefer the first image, it has a delicate real/unreal look about it. The feel of autumn leaves is very lovely. The preference is slight though, because I love the little round berries and the stark sticks and that Japanese look to the second image.
Aren't you finding this great? I love having feedback and preferences from other people, we all see things so differently!

Bobbie said...

I LOVE these all two both of 'em! I was amazed to find that they were not fabric but photographs. Do I have to choose? Ok...I choose...............
"Blue Feathers".

Kris Cahill said...

Too difficult to choose this one, though I like playing the this or that game!

I love both of these images, and if I HAD to pick I still couldn't. They work together so well, each one works for me. I don't want to reject either.

Rima said...

I think maybe, perhaps... I would choose the Kimono. But only because I have a very soft spot for everything "japonisant" (my grand-dad's legacy). But only because I have to choose.

haven't forgotten about my post - just can't get the materials together yet

Debi said...

Thank you everyone for voting...or for trying to vote as the case may be.

Rima, I'm glad to inspire you, for a change after all the inspiration you've given me. You've got me on pins and needles to see what you've got up your sleeve. I've got you down for Kimono.

Anon, I know who you are ;) I didn't think about the first one being a possible fabric, too. Leave it to you to make that insight. I'm putting you down for Blue Feathers -- you sounded unsure, but I know you so I'll decide for you. You prefer the feathers. ha ha ha

Windy, you might not have voted for one or the other, but I am thrilled you have no doubts about the Poe song. It made me smile to know you and Hannah listen to it. Like me and Audrey :)

Bev, I can't help myself when it comes to blue! Again, your comments made me chuckle: Monks contemplating higher matters.

Lisa, yep, I did have an idea you'd enjoy the leaves one. One of the things I liked about using "invert" was it reminded me of film -- which I do none of now -- negatives. I can't say I miss storing them, but I sort of miss seeing their light/dark/color distortion.

Frances, I absolutely am loving hearing all the different opinions and preferences. Silly me, I thought everyone would vote pretty much the same way (my way, ha) and am learning a lot about what people look for and enjoy in their favorite things.

Mom, I can't help but think what a wonderland of "blue feathers" your place must be covered in right about now.

Kris, hello! I've seen your comments over on Neda's blog I believe. I just took a quick look at your blog and your work and I am blown away. Love your sense of color and light!

In a two to one margin, with a couple of cheaters double voting because they couldn't decide, today's winner is: Blue Feathers. But to Kimono Fabric I have to say, everyone loved you too, sweetie.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I agree ... this one is particularly HARD to choose!!!

But I am going with the Kimono Fabric because I just am so taken with the delicacy of the design/

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

You are driving me insane! I visit your blog and then come back again and again and I can't make a choice! I love both and I think they ought to be displayed as complementary pairs. There is something both delicate and dreamy about both...

I also found out why I can't make up my mind: I always read the titles of the photos and so I am influenced by BOTH the image and your own interpretation (at least the one you hint at in the titles you choose). Have you thought of just posting 2 pics without titles (I know it does diminish the aesthetics experience but it may be worth a try). After everyone guesses, then, you could "reveal" the titles??

D.C. Confidential said...

I LOVE these photos. My mother has a custom drapery business, so I've seen a wide range of beautiful and not-so-beautiful fabrics over the last 30 years. Both of these are stunning and the kimono fabric especially would produce a gorgeous treatment! Fabulous!