Monday, December 03, 2007

Blue Steer -or- Gate to Windmill

"Blue Steer"
West Odessa
Odessa, Texas

"Gate to Windmill"
West Odessa
Odessa, Texas

As you can see, today's "This or That" is the same shot but a comparison of different angles. Which photo do you prefer?

I took these pictures yesterday. It was a cloudless afternoon with the sun low in its winter sky and Jorge accepted my invitation to go with me for a drive to take pictures. He brought his coffee and newspaper. Me, I brought my camera and extra battery.

I drove around out here were I live, Out West we call it, for two hours but only went 6 miles. For the first time ever, I filled my camera's memory card. That's nearly 500 photos. Of course, most of them are c-r-a-p. The pleasure, though, wasn't just about the pictures. It was being out in the sun, doing nothing but looking for wonder in the world I live in, and yes, dreaming of a few good shots, that made it a great day.


Neda said...

"Blue Steer" is my choice!!! What a great angle and further, the blue hue brings such an elegant touch and dignity to such a common object...Just to prove that each thing, big or small, has beauty.. very very wabi-sabi. Well done!

Rima said...

Blue Steer! No doubt about it - it's perfect, and with that inimitable Debi blue! It look more like a post-post-modern/realist painting than like a photograph. Wunderbar...

Bev said...

It took a moment to register that this was not once a real animal but is actually part of a gate! I think the first photo brings out this aspect, because it makes the steer into quite a mysterious object that could be alive, and is looking at the windmill! It has a wilderness solitude to me, with lone silhouettes surrounded by a great expanse of blue sky.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Gate to windmill!
I love the way it shows me more of the scene, the tire track, the dry dirt,blue as blue skies, the trees and of course the windmill. I half expect your cowboy (your right that would have been a fantastic shot!) to wander into the scene...
How on earth did you narrow done 2 from 500?
These 'photo a day' blogs really represent so many more than 'A' photo don't they?
Looking forward to tomorrow's pic!

dianeclancy said...

My vote is the "Blue Steer" altho both are very fine!

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

They are both beautiful images, and your blue shades again, but if I had to choose one to hang on my wall it would definitely be - Gate to windmill, I like the windmill - and I like the blue and the light more in the second picture.
Blue Steer is great for a 'mystery pic' - but I am not so keen on the windmill in this one, so I vote for the GATE because I get an emotional response to it, not just aesthetic pleasure..

Bobbie said...

"Blue Steer", of course. I love the angle and composition it makes. West Odessa was never better defined, than with this iron steer against a windmill. Perfect!

of course the other photo is a good one, but it just pales in comparison!

Audrey said...

Blue Steer.

Debi said...

Thank y'all for votin'!

Neda, oh, I had forgotten about wabi-sabi. And it's so fun to say too. ;)

Rima, I try and I try, but I can't help myself. I favor that blue, gosh darn it. I also favor post-post-modern. ;)

Bev, we have lots of great expanse of blue sky here. You'll see it a lot -- a LOT -- in my photos. Thank heaven you like it. ha

Lisa, oh, the first vote of descent. But you make a good case. And trust me, it is hard to get good old-fashioned landscape shots around here -- what with cars, telephone poles, electric fences, paved streets, etc. in the background. Darn modern life.

Diane, I've got you down for Blue Steer, and I'm glad you liked both.

Frances, you've also made a good point -- the blue is a tad more interesting in the second picture. The first picture says, well, I AM BLUE. But you know me, that's never a bad thing. ha

Mom, glad you liked this one and that you relate to it as being specifically West Odessa. One of our "better" moments I must say.

Audrey, thanks for voting, sweetie.

It seems we have our first clearly defined winner of pairs: Blue Steer -- not by a nose but by a whole head!