Friday, December 14, 2007

Bringing Bounty Home aka Afternoon Light # 1 or #2

"Bounty #1"
Debi's house
West Odessa, Texas

"Bounty #2"
Debi's house
West Odessa, Texas

As they used to say in Monty Python's Flying Circus, "Now for something completely different!"

Today's This or That pair are a harvest of things that makes me love this time of year: Dried brush flowers, nuts fallen from the trees, seed pods in all forms and colors. I especially also love the warming afternoon light of this time of year. Here we have them together, on a recent afternoon at my kitchen table.

Home is such an important part to all of us. It is our most fundamental refuge, a place to keep our most precious loves and thoughts safe and enjoyed. While we might complain about a dripping faucet, wallpaper we've grown tired of, or unkempt catch-alls, I think most of us have an overall love of our homes, even as works-in-progress. Me, I think I enjoy most evolving and shifting "corners" of my home -- the places where the seasons of the year, the seasons of my life are best revealed.

Which photo do you prefer?

P.S. I hope today's photos redeem the charged emotion of yesterday's pair. I'll be going back to that post tomorrow and edit it to include some post-comment commentary. You can skip it if you like. Me, as the photographer who caused the commotion, I feel I must understand it more.


nelda said...

#2! Simple, beautiful, and ALIVE! Guess you can guess my favorite season is the growing season, rather than the gathering season. Both wonderful pictures!

Andi said...

#2! The color calls out to me.

Bev said...

After yesterday's maelstrom we enter calmer waters.

I like the way all the things have been placed in a nice clean bowl in your kitchen, being thoroughly domesticated in the kind afternoon light, bringing bounty home.

But I like 2 better. The flowers are so delicate and have been set off perfectly by gentle lighting.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Sigh, I am so predictable! Number one of-course!
It's so yummy and I just want to touch everything in it! Hear it, feel it, connect with it.You've done a good job of keeping the contents of the bowl in focus while fading the edge of the bowl. Great shot.

PS: If I don't comment on your 2nd pic it's not because I don't like it its more a matter of not having time! This blogging hobby of mine could become full time given half a chance!

Bobbie said...

#1 all the way. I love the earthy things in the bowl. The colors of the winter season always appeal. So natural and true.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I am going for Bounty #1 .. of course, I like both of these!

It is the composition of #1 that gets my vote.

~ Diane Clancy

Hannah's Mom said...

#1... :) I love them both!! Thank you for sharing with us!

Neda said...

I love number 1: it's a feisty bunch :); number 2 is too quiet...tsk tsk tsk (love the yellow though)

Don't ever feel bad for rocking the boat. I thrive on stirring things up (just as Rima, LOL)


Debi said...

Thank you everyone for voting.

Nelda, I've learned a lot about what you like and "alive" is the catch phrase. And not a bad one at that.

Andi, thanks for voting.

Bev, I've noticed you start off -- polite English lady that you are -- with the virtues of the one you are NOT going to vote for. ha

Lisa, I don't mind that you can't comment at length on the pros and cons of every photo. Your comments are gems. I want you to have the strength to keep going. ;)

Mom, looks so easily like something that could be on your table or kitchen window, doesn't it? Wonder why? :)

Diane, I'm sorry your plans have gotten changed because of the weather, but I do enjoy your weighing in with your vote.

Windy, thank you as always.

Neda, LOL. I remember a question you had about rocking the boat at one time too. I don't recall the resolution, but whatever it was it has had no adverse effect on your work. Indeed, your work has done nothing but get better and better until I could just explode with admiration from the amazement of it.

So, vote tally on the sleepy little post of the post-hubaloo-post is #1. Any one care for a pecan?