Thursday, December 06, 2007

Colo{u}rful / Words

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So rather than a photo entry for this week's 2 Things Challenge, I decided to roll the two things into one and do a scan of my colorful recipe cards (including splatters) of favorite words. These represent more than words invoking wonderful food, but of names I like to recall, too. Some of these women only passed through my life, but on these cards they live on in my memory and my kitchen.

I suppose every one -- all over the world -- does this in some form or fashion. Do you have a stash of recipes, with names or written in another hand? These four represent only a few of my absolute favorite tried-and-true recipes, almost always gathered first hand from a friend.

In the case of "Jeanette's Chicken," looking at the card I actually remember making it the first time myself with Mom in my kitchen, writing it down on that card as we went. It was a recipe she couldn't tell me since she just knew by eye how much to put in. This one is also the oldest recipe -- it goes back to our days in the 70s in Lebanon when everything was made with simple ingredients from scratch. My brothers and I loved this dish, eaten without cutlery, but instead with fingers and fresh Lebanese pita bread. It also is a nice memory because it recalls a friend of my mom's, Jeanette, who taught a young mother ways to cope and thrive, living for the first time overseas.

And no, none of these are diet food. Except maybe the salsa, but only if you don't eat it with chips. Um. For non-Americans, that would be "crisps," I believe. Ha! That brings us full circle back to the multi-national inspiration of the colo{u}rful words part of this challenge. Aren't I clever?


Rima said...

I'm so glad I'm home today and can check things out often - I get a little boost to keep going with my day, reading your posts. You have a knack for connecting with your readers, not only are you a great photographer, you are also a lovely writer and chronicler - and you have nice handwriting to boot!

So much of our emotional memory is connected to food - there's such an intimate connection that has so many ramifications. We should get more of those recipes and conversations about foods and memories going - on Bobbie's BBCafe blog!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yes you ARE clever! Thankyou for sharing your memories and recipes with us :)

Bobbie said...

I love these colorful index cards with attached memories.

Rima, I was just thinking exactly what you said, asking Debi to post these on the Bluebird...maybe she will :)

Good entry Debi. I am still working on mine, but not there yet.

Debi said...

Rima, thank you. Thank you for all the encouragements you give me and others. Everything you say about me, I could say about you. Except the handwriting bit. I suspect it is nice too!

And I agree, it's the perfect time of year to update with some new recipes at Blue Bird Cafe. By the way, YOU my dear, posted some heavenly ones there I just noticed (many moons ago). I will give one or two a try!

Lisa, I have no idea if any of these will work outside of the US...cans of this and cans of that might not translate well. Ug. Another instance of the multi-national gap!

Mom, I look forward to your entry. And don't worry. I'll add it to the mini gallery when it comes in. It's NOT TOO LATE :)

Bev said...

I like your drawing together the threads of the themes on the Two Things Challenge!

I love this colourful language. Because, as you have pointed out, it's more than food, it's what's at the heart of a home.

Joy Logan said...

Yum I would love the pumpkin bars recipe please! You reminded me of how I used to love reading my grandmothers recipes in her handwriting and wonder what she was thinking and doing during those times in her life. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog,I am really back down again in my moods. My family can always do that to me.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

Very creative solution to Colo{u}rful Words!!

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Since I am the least domesticated of the bunch (in terms of cooking, that is), I am going to print these recipes and post them on my fridge. Clever idea, Debi! I will post something on my blog for the challenge today

Nabeel said...

aww this is so interesting. It really looks pretty. Even though I haven't seen different colored notepads .. but one can combines the two. awesome

D.C. Confidential said...

Debi: I love how you've captured warmth and good memories (at least for me. Maybe cooking/baking for others is full of angst and bad memories) in this photo! The evocativeness is made even more powerful by the simplicity of this subject. Most excellent!