Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hope -or- Hearts

Master Gardener's Garden, Time Machine
Esperanza (Hope) seed pods
Odessa, Texas

Master Gardener's Garden, Time Machine
Coral Vine seed pods
Odessa, Texas

Which photo do you prefer?

Today's theme covers several things: similar color values, isolated photography, and love of seed pods that are glorious this time of year.

The theme could as easily, though, be about contrasts: simple vs. intricate, asymmetrical vs. symmetrical, and sad (seems to me) vs. happy (seems to me).

Announcing a New Twist~

Last night I got to thinking and decided to add a new twist to This or That. It doesn't seem fair that I've given you this "homework," requiring extra effort, so I'm offering a prize. For each comment you make throughout December, I'll put your name in a hat. At the end of the month, I'll draw from the names. The winner gets to select their favorite image as a professionally-made print in the size of their choice, or as six copies of blank cards with envelopes.

Because I do appreciate your comments!

P.S. I'm going to now go through your comments over the past few days and catch up with my replies to them in the comments section. And write down your name for the hat as I go :)


Hannah's Mom said...

Hope... I love it!! The blue wall behind it or ? The brown of the pods, my favorite color combo right now, blue and brown.

nelda said...

"Hearts" gets my vote. "Hope" is sort of depressing to me. Both very good photography - as are all your pictures!

Rima said...

Hope springs eternal!!

I like this image of a loner...

I toyed with the idea of splitting this comment into 3 or more different entries, in order to cheat with the hat lottery... then i remembered that i still haven't mailed you your watercolour... so with egg on my face and my tail between my considerable legs, i will now run to the post office...

Bev said...

I like 'Hope' best. The plant looks a little bit bowed with the weight of it's task but it's still hanging on in there, and one of the precious seed pods is pointing to the sky. If I was to get serious for a moment I would say that this makes a great metaphor for motherhood! Or I would do if one of my kids got a brilliant scholarship like the seed pod destined for great things. Unfortunately at the moment they are larking about, watching trashy TV and eating junk food.

'Hearts' is uplifting, but those little heart-shaped pods look quite insubstantial and almost frivolous, and they need a lot of substantial support to keep them up. A metaphor for romance, perhaps.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I really like 'hope'
I suspect that I relate to it in a comfort food way as it reminds me of cinamin sticks and I love cinamin! Technincaly (in my opinion) I think this is a great shot. You've maintained the soft colours and form of the seed pods while still capturing a lot of the bright background. Actually now that I think about it- it is only the main subject and the background! Not several things to look at. It is simple (not implying technically!)and clean allowing my emotions to interpret the rest:) Just my 2c of of course!

Frances said...

Hope wins for me - for its elegance

Audrey said...


Bobbie said...

"Hope" is hanging on for dear life, wanting to stay back with the mother plant, but not for long in Odessa Texas as the howling march winds will come and disperse those seeds, maybe to your garden. Hope is my choice too.

I have a love of heart shapes in nature, but the structure seems a bit heavy for these delicate little leaves.

p.s. I voluntarily remove my name from the hat...not fair for your mother to!

Sweet Irene said...

I like hearts because of it symmetry . I always like things neat and tidy as if they have been arranged that way. It is probable very Freudian of me. A bit obsessive, no doubt. Still, it isn't quite perfect and that does attract me, as it is imperfect in its arrangement. As imperfect as any human being can be and still be considered attractive.

Debi said...

Thank you everyone for your votes. They have all been duly recorded and tossed in the proverbial hat. (It's not a real hat. It's a bowl.

Windy, it indeed was a wall behind it, but a white one reflecting the blue sky. I know what you mean about that color combo. Me too, me too!

Nelda, hearts to you honey.

Rima, LOL. No cheating. I HATE to discourage anyone from commenting more than once, but I figure one vote per day should be a rule. (I've thought about nudging you about the watercolor -- I do want it! -- but I knew you would....eventually.)

Bev, Bev, Bev. You do know how to put an eloquent spin on things, even ordinary seed pods. I love your analogy! It makes my photograph so much more than it was before.

Lisa, I love your 2c's. They always give me food for thought and frequently articulate what I like about a photograph that I couldn't put my finger on. It helps me more than you know. Or...judging by YOUR photographs, you do know!

Frances and Audrey, thank you for your votes.

Mom, you are probably right about the hat. You know if you wanted anything from me, you'd only have to ask and it would be yours. I owe you everything.

Irene, you make a really good case for the Hearts photo. Thank you for giving those little dears some air time.

Hope -- as Rima says -- springs eternal and wins this round. Thank you everyone for your comments and votes. I appreciate you!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

hey, I have been commenting on each one anyway ... but now you've given even more incentive!!

I am going for the Hearts ...I like the way the whole canvas is activated.

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Hearts...because it is dark and twisted, reflecting my mood today... Maybe tomorrow, I will choose hope :)

Yay! Love the twist!