Sunday, December 16, 2007

Diminutive #1 or #2

"Diminutive #1"
West Odessa, Texas

"Diminutive #2"
West Odessa, Texas

We are at the December This or That Experiment half-way mark! Which of these diminutive captures do you prefer?

Neda, the collagist extraordinaire, asked in a comment if after you all vote if I like the "loser" less. Usually, no. Especially after several of you have been kind enough to say that you vote only because you have to chose. That's not to say, though, I don't listen and learn from your comments. Sometimes I like a photo because what I had hoped to capture in it, and see that perhaps it doesn't translate as well as I had thought. That's good to know. It both educates me and encourages me to try again.

And here's another thing that a respected friend recently remarked in general about art. He pointed out that there are some that don't like Shakespeare, and if The Bard Himself can't garner absolute universal admiration, how foolish to think any one of us could.

Basically, when I put two pictures here I like both well enough to share them. I post them eager and curious as to which you will choose and why. This is something like the old Paula Poundstone joke when she remarks "Grown ups are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up." Because, she says, the adults are "looking for ideas."

From the bottom of this not-quite grown-up's heart, thank you for all your ideas.

P.S. I've read your additional comments on the recent Addendum. I cannot sufficiently say how much that meant to me. Another thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Andi said...

I like the colors in #1, but I really like the softness of #2, so I choose #2!

Neda said...

I love your true. Thanks also for addressing my question; you are very anchored and I like that a lot.That means you have faith in yourself and your art. Bravo!

Now, I like number 2 because it looks like a bunch of toddlers at recess (don't ask me why!)and number 1 is too lonely (boohoo)..So, I vote for #2

Bev said...

I remember Number 2's plants from the picture of the little bird.

You have got the ideal camera for 'diminutive' as these macro shots so well capture tiny things and give them a special importance. I like the way they are illuminated so they are not lost in the background, which seems quite soft and distant. This gives the photos an almost a three dimensional effect.

I like Number 1 best, because although it is just a tiny (quite puny) leaf you have made it quite important in your shot. Nothing wrong with being small!

D.C. Confidential said...
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D.C. Confidential said...

My vote is for no. 1 on this one. I like the hopefulness it exudes with the lone leaf and the yellow background. It seems to suggest the possibility (and actuality) of renewal that is latent in each of us and everything around us.

nelda said...

#2 is my pick. I don't have a comment - I picked #2 because I like it the best, that's all.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I like them both ... but I am voting for #2. I like the composition. Again, how about you take the yellow from the other and put it behind the stalks? *smile*

I am enjoying this.

I love your quotes today!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Number one:) Very peaceful photo. Your subject is beautifully focused and my knows exactly what to look at. It's a beautiful leaf too, strong veins and definition. Number one came very close today though :)I also enjoyed your quotes and post. Have a great day Debi!

Fawzan Barrage said...

Number one all the way! Not that number two is not a winner also, but if I have to make a choice it is 1.

Sweet Irene said...

I definitely love that single loneliness of the leaf on number one. It is hanging there so stubbornly. I love the way the background is faded to a soft yellow. The leaf seems to be crisp and cold, as if it the photograph is taken on a clear winter's day.

John - Copyright JMM 2007 said...

Number one - leaf is in perfect light and sharp focus and it stands isolated in contrast to bright yellow pulsating back ground.

Certain clear dichotomy and I see much hope and rebirth in the light.

Bobbie said...

I much prefer #1, as I like the foreground in focus vs the background. This is something that the tripod will take care of (if you wish it to be) as you can increase the exposure time, decrease the lens opening and get a sharper image. I'm not sure how that relates to digital though :) Yes, I found the tripod but will not mail it until after the Christmas crush.

Hannah's Mom said...

#2... eewww, I like it!!!

Kris Cahill said...

#2, I love the whole composition of it. It looks happy, and the plants look like they are dancing together at a party.

In #1 the leaf looks so separate from the background, it has a disconnect.

-K- said...

I rarely see a photo like "Diminutive" so it gets my vote.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i like both of these images alot and it is a hard choice, but number one holds my eye....and then, i do have a thing about yellow too...

Debi said...

Thank you Andi, Nelda, Fawzan, and Hannah's Mom for voting. Mr. K, thank you too, but let me ask, which did you vote for?

Neda, I guess I can be so anchored because I feel like I am only a witness, not a creator. And I will never look at that photo again without thinking of the toddlers at recess -- lovely imagination you have.

Bev, sharp eye! Yes, it's the same plant and there are zillions of them around here and I love them so you might see them again (and again).

D.C. I liked the hope of that one leaf hanging on, too. Not as brightly colored as its neighbors, but what it lacked in color it had in style.

Diane, thank you for your vote and I'm glad you enjoyed the quote. I heard it probably 25 years ago and still enjoy it.

Lisa, you chose the leaf? I'm surprised. ;) We are a pair of leaf-lovin' fools, you and I.

Irene, believe it or not, it was a warm afternoon, but I agree, the colors look cool and wintry.

John, I love the way you write!

Mom, thank you .... again. I'm sure I'll have fun learning the new abilities a tripod will give me. For now, though, I've had fun with the different DOF and have learned to embrace it.

Kris, I hadn't thought of it that way. But that's the beauty of This or That -- it reveals points of view I hadn't seen or thought of before.

Sue, thank you and I know what you mean about yellow. Second to blue it's my favorite color. No, wait, maybe red...or orange. Ha.

Thank you everyone for voting for these diminutive guys. Leaf hanging on is a favorite by just a little.