Saturday, December 15, 2007

Utilities #1 or #2

"Utilities #1"
Oncor Switching Station
Odessa, Texas

"Utiltities #2"
Water tower
West Odessa, Texas

Not all that much to say about today's This or That photos. They are a case of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" (Or if you can't figure out how to get them out of the shot, by golly make them the subject!)

Although I complain about how ugly vertical things like this in the background have ruined many a shot for me, I am grateful to things such as electricity (the better see you with, my dear), clean water, and telephone service. And I am grateful to the hard-working individuals who keep them all running 24/7 rather effectively.

Which photo (or utility?) do you prefer?


nelda said...

I prefer #2 - seems like I always like the second one - composition is very good and I love the sunset - or is it sunrise? Anyway, I like the sky in #2, but think both are exceellent photos. I would hate to live without electricity or water piped into my house, so I guess I like both utilities the same. I don't remember ever not having electricity, but I do remember having to haul water for household use - not fun.

Andi said...

This one was tough. At first I thought I prefered #1, but I've changed my mind to #2. I like the composition and the quality of the light.

Bev said...

There is an English poet (whom I have forgotten the name of) who talks about electricity pylons as 'large rude girls' spoiling the landscape. Apart from the inherent sexism of this remark, if you photograph them like this, I don't think they are necessarily bad! They look like mathematical patterns, and maths has it's own sort of abstruse beauty.

I like No. 2 because of the sunset.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

This is a TOUGH one!! Of course I love the sky in #2. But I think I prefer #1 because it looks like it might be something else. Now, if you could take the sky of #2 and put it with the structure of #1, I'll vote for #3!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh that's funny. I was thinking the same as Diane!
Number 1 has my vote.

Debi are you still sad after your 'other' post?

Bobbie said...

#1. I like the abstract design it makes even though it is may be a little jarring. It looks like the kind of work a man would like :) Now, come on you men lurkers comment here and prove me wrong!

Hannah's Mom said...

#1. But #2 is just as amazing.

Sweet Irene said...

I like the intricacies of number one, although I know that the composition of number two is good. Still I go for number one, being so industrial and mean looking. It gives a good unromantic picture of industrial architecture.

Fawzan Barrage said...

I like 2. 1 has the more interesting colours, but the view point is what my teacher used to call the lazy angle. Not squared up!

Neda said...

Number 1 is it for me. Love the angle, the intricate details and everything about it. Go, go, number 1!!! (well number 2 is very nice too but not as strong compositionally..sorry)

Question: do our comments influence you? I mean after the vote is tallied, do you like the "loser" less??? I must say I really admire your guts for doing this challenge. I would absolutely be incurably crushed if I were to ask anyone to chose one of my babies over the other.You're so strong!!!

-K- said...

#2 for both color and composition.

D.C. Confidential said...

I like no. 1 for it's complexity, but my favorite is no. 2 for it's color, composition, and depth.

Debi said...

Thank you everyone for your votes.

Nelda, it was sunset. I haven't quite got the sunrise vibe going yet. I remember outdoor toilets and party-line phones. But, like you, pre-electricity is way before my time. And what good times we live in, eh?

Andi, that light was pretty special in person, too. Every picture I took that evening I liked because of it.

Bev, I love that poet whoever it is (must google it). That's perfect and I might chastise them as such when I'm out taking pictures and muttering to myself. (Imagine it.)

Diane, you do think like a digital artist, able to rearrange things in a single bound! This is one of those cases where the sky didn't quite translate in the first picture as I had hoped, I think. I had hoped it looked...I don't know...sort of wired, or like it was going in the same direction as the electricity. Oh well. Next time.

Lisa, I'm not sad any more. It took me a day to retreat into my philosophical thoughts to sort it out. But it's sorted. And I'm fine. You are sweet to ask.

Mom, I like it that you thought it was jarring -- kind of scary being next to it so good that it conveyed that feeling: STAY AWAY.

Thanks for voting, Windy. I'm happy to have even a minute of your time right now. I know you are very very busy!

Irene, it is mean looking. I have a healthy fear of electricity.

Zan, hm, interesting. I learned something today. Glad you are in the photo blogging mode so I can pick up these kinds of tidbits from you.

Neda, I appreciated the question you posed and have answered it. I'm learning so much that it gives me strength to accept when my own favorite (when I have one) doesn't cut the mustard.

Mr. K. thanks for weighing in. And based on your latest photo, I am even more pleased. Now, go out there and take more photos!

D.C. Thanks you for your vote and explanation.

I had to go back and double check the tally -- make sure there were no hanging chads. Ha! There was a hanging chad! I originally misunderstood Fawzan's vote, so it took it from a tie to mean electricity winning.

Frances said...

Love them both. I love industrial landscape - I would like to be able to paint such landscapes, they are exciting and powerful. I think the second one is more unusual in that the light is warm - generally the good industrial and urban photography I've seen has tended to be black and white to enhance the starkness, but I like the contrast of the sunset and think it is a more positive view of electricity.
quality of both is great - so I vote for 2 the 'rude girls' going home in the evening.

Frances said...

just thought - I think it is giant nude girls with no shame - or something like that - the poet may be Spender. will look it up and see if I can find it in my dictionary of quotations.

Debi said...

Nude girls? I love it yet I had never heard it before.

Your mind is like a steel trap, Frances. It was Spender, Sir Stephen, as a CAREFUL google search revealed.

Your vote also makes this This or That a tie. The first I believe.