Saturday, December 01, 2007

Last Color -or- I am Winter

"Last Color", click to see larger
Fallen blooms of the Palo Verde tree
Odessa, Texas

"I am Winter", click to see larger
Silver-leaf Nightshade berries
Odessa, Texas

I won't say which I like better, but I will try to explain why I think these two pictures have a similar theme. They are both common last-of-fall-early-winter images for our area. But it does take close observation to see color now. I like how both incorporate cool hues: yellow and gray, yellow and blue. They are both really small things, too, figuratively and literally: A fallen bloom about half an inch long among debris and lowly berries of a common weed no bigger than a chickpea.

I suspect it is living in the desert so long that has made me look down a lot. Besides the vast sky, and with few trees, down is where one looks mostly -- for snakes, for an old arrow head, or, for just little spots of pleasing color and form.

Which photograph do you prefer?


Frances said...

really difficult to choose as they are so different. I love the glowing colours and texture and shapes of the second one, but I prefer the composition and the image of the first. I guess the second one looks more like things I am used to seeing in my gardening books and brochures, the first is more individual. Keep em coming, this is a great idea.

Bobbie said...

Last Color has my vote! I love the color and plus I just love seeing these nightshade berries. I was thinking about them a few days ago and voila! here they are.

Bev said...

I love the way you have got the close-up and the similarly coloured mini-world beyond. These are very technically accommplished photos of a little macro world that usually only the insects see. I particularly like the berry one as it looks like little mini moons in it's own solar system.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I really like them both .. but if I HAVE to choose ...

I go for "I am Winter" - it feels a little more magical to me.

By the way, great idea!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Wow Debi! As my kids would say 'your the bomb!' which some how translates to really clever and awesome.
I love this idea of yours! It also shows a great deal of self confidence and strength. Please continue on past a year!
Ok, photo one- Last Colour has my vote. 2 reasons, and I will go with a technical aspect first..the leaves at the front are beautifully focused, they are clear enough to see the veins and texture and the light source leads my eye to them. The whole mood is very soft- although with those colours it could have easily come across as sterile and you avoided that. It is like a little wonderland! The 2nd reason is much less photographic! As you've no doubt noticed- I love leaves!! These are lovely and I just want to pop them in my bag to take home!

PS: I just knew you were going to choose the berries Diane! Lovely and round and floaty like your bubbles!

Audrey said...

Last Color

Sweet Irene said...

I love the tiny little leave laying in the almost darkness of the undergrowth. A little bright sparkle of color. You have a good eye for spotting that! I have already said how much i enjoy your photographs. Do keep them coming, I always look forward to them very much.

Hannah's Mom said...

I have to choose??? :) I love the "I am Winter". I love the colors,especially the color of the berry. Reminds me of the colors in our comforter. lol

Martin Stickland said...

Great pictures again.

"You're the man!"

OH... sorry

"You're the woman!"

No that does not sound right..

"You're groovy"...

No, so so sixties...

"You're a cheeky little munky!" ....

Not bad!

How about that then?

I need help!

Lara said...

hard to decide... both are beautiful in their own way. thanks for visiting my blog - I discovered your photos too, and they are just amazing!

Rima said...

This is a tough choice to make - they are both amazing and it's really unfair. but if you insist, i would choose Last color, because of how you captured this magical, eerie light and because it really brings home the feeling of late autumn. There's something about the vertical lines as well - great, beautiful photo.

But i also love I am winter - sensuous, cheery shapes and colours. Wait, can I change my vote? aaaahhh, no fair!

Neda said...

This is a very tough one. I like them both together and apart. Each has a certain meaning to me. The first is sullen, mysterious while the second is cheery and happy. I vote for both!!

nelda said...

I vote for the second photo - like the color. The first seems a little dreary to me.

Debi said...

First, everyone, thank you for your votes!

Frances, since posting this pair of pictures, I've tried to make them a tad more similar. Which was your choice exactly?

Mom, I think you meant I Am Winter. But, no wonder -- the titles could work either way on this pair, couldn't they?

Bev, mini moons and solar systems! I love how you see things.

Diane, I know you favor the magical aspects of things. (You've made other similar comments, plus your own work is very magical!) You know what? Me, too.

Lisa, no, you're the bomb. I appreciate the detailed explanation of your preference. It gives me much food for thought, ideas that hopefully bubbles to the top of my consciousness when I'm out shooting.

Audrey, thanks babe.

Irene, I appreciate how you risk an emotional connection. I think that's what I do too when I'm deciding which photograph I like more. One might be better technically, but if the other evokes more emotion it likely will be my favorite.

Windy, I'm glad to see your comments again. I'm going to guess school is out for the semester? ha

Martin, you're a nut. Thank you for thinking of me so highly -- "cheeky little munky" is a compliment, right? ;)

Lara, thank you for visiting. I've enjoyed your photos -- such an exotic flair to me -- and will stop by there again.

Rima, I'm counting you as a Last Color vote. Why? Well, because you said it first and because it was my (shhhh) favorite. And exactly for the astute (!, ha) reasons you pointed out.

Neda, thank you for liking them both. And for voting when you must be swamped with your newly discovered and well-deserved fame!

Nelda, the first is dark and moody, that's for sure and you are right to pick up on that. I think that may be why I chose an especially cheerful companion to go with it.

And the winner, at this count is: I Am Winter.

Frances said...

The first for originality of the whole thing.