Saturday, December 29, 2007

Martin County or Bust

Martin County or Bust. I guess that's probably not been said too many times. But that's what I'm saying this very early morning. Donna and I are headed out for a day's adventure into territories previously unvisited, out to test her new 18 X zoom Lumix camera that was delivered just yesterday.

Until I return to get caught up with blogging here and commenting, I'll leave you with my new favorite quote.

"By Gosh, I want to see those prairie dog's teeth." -- Donna Chafin


Bobbie said...

Lol! Now that is a quote to remember . Hope you enjoy and come back with a truckload of pictures to share :)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi and Donna,

Have great fun!! Looking forward to new pictures!!

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

Enjoy your trip. Donna is brave is she is going to get that close up!

nelda said...

What beautiful pictures! Hard choice, but this time I choose #1.
I'm sure you girls had a great time exploring Martin County. There is a lot of history in and around Stanton, as with just about any county, I'm sure.