Friday, January 04, 2008

Mundane #1 or #2

"Mundane #1"
Clements Street
Odessa, Texas

"Mundane # 2"
North of Lenorah
Martin County, Texas

Which photo do you think is the best illustration of "making the mundane and ordinary beautiful?"

Today's subject is courtesy of Bev from Hull in the UK. I provide no link because effective today she has gone on a blog sabbatical.

I could get really mushy and sad here because I will miss her. We all will miss her quirky insights and her way of seeing the world that was unlike anyone I've known. Those who read her blog will agree with me. I will miss her happy cartoons and slice of life accounts. I will miss her dog-walking adventures with Scamp. I will miss the thought of her as an English lass with her hair flowing behind her -- or at least that's how I envisioned it -- while riding her bike looking for pictures for us, and her tales of people like Vicars and Blokes in the Pub that she met along the way. I will miss her decoding the mysterious British culture for us, "uncivilized" as it may be (as per Bev).

But, her reasons are unarguable: to spend more time with her young family.

It's funny how in certain contexts things can take on metaphoric significance. The mundane becomes meaningful. Like an empty mail box on an vacant house. Like a door left open inside an abandoned home. Like the heart-achingly beauty of age, even through the ravages of sun, wind, and rain. (Bev appreciated old things, too.)

So, here's to jolly good fellow Bev. Wishing her God's speed, lots of her requests being fulfilled, and hoping we see her again.

Sniff. Grab me another pint, will ya, mate?

Photo info --
The standard stuff: reduce for blog, sharpen and apply image (multiply), both at 50%. And deal with the slight pain that #2 wasn't in good focus and that #1 had more distracting background reflections than I would have cared for.


Bobbie said...

I will miss Bev too. I've come to look forward to her insightful comments and unique way of seeing the world. I love reading her blog and learning about Hull and seeing all the funky things she decides to show us, and especially the Bev commentary.

#2 is the one! I love the red mailbox, but #2 just takes it away for me!

gillian elizabeth said...

#2 definitely is it for me. The crackled and flaking paint draws you in, and gives the doorway warmth while at the same time indicates that it has been neglected for awhile.

nelda said...

I like #2, the cracked paint, old door knob, beautiful wall, and centered just right. Both very good photography, Girlfriend!

Sweet Irene said...

Sad news abou Bev. Sniff,

I like number 2 the best. I love the crackly paint and the intimacy of the doorknob. Can there be such a thing? It says, "Come open me and see what is behind me."

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I'm going to miss Bev too! Have a pint for me though will ya? I'm actually allergic to beer. Sad but true!

Anyway..number 2 the lovely crackle paint door has my vote. Very beautiful and mysterious. I bet it could tell a few stories!
Such a nice warm picture that I imagine could have look very stark and forlorn in less talented hands!

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Dead heat - pick one because it really was your exquisite eye - both are exeptional, but most people would not see one unless a hundred dollar bill was sticking out of the mailbox.

Bev is insightful and kind....I loved the portrait of her daughter circa Christmas time. Tender.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I will miss Bev too!! For sure!

I liked #1 immediately ... but when I read the criteria ... then #2 definitely shows this best for me!!

But when I read #1 was a mailbox, I had to look and look to see it. I thought it was a banner!

A crop in on the bars and mailbox would make it harder to choose ... I think it would be very powerful.

Great job!

~ Diane Clancy

Andi said...

#2 for me too. It's mysterious.

Bev said...

OK, I'm still commenting! Thanks for all the kind words, but I come from Yorkshire and can't handle all the emotion (Frances will understand)

I like number 2, because it has a beautiful lattice paint effect behind it, obviously from being weathered and aging. Truly making the mudane (because I don't think the painters intended this) ordinary, and great for making the mudane beautiful.

Bobbie said...

You know, I agree with Diane. Crop the red mailbox and I might change my mind :)

Fawzan Barrage said...

The door is anything but mundane. I love it.