Saturday, January 05, 2008


Purple post
West Odessa, Texas

One of the suggestions for the Have Camera Will Shoot that gave me some cause for concern was this one, "purple," especially this time of year. Brown, everywhere. Blue, plenty. Red, I could probably do that. But PURPLE? In January? Where?

Lo and behold I remembered the location of this unmistakable splash of year-round purple. Not only is it a purple that couldn't be much purple-r, but this image also includes many elements of my part of the world, in particular West Odessa. Here we have the ubiquitous wild weeds, barb wire, junk (out of focus, thankfully), telephone poles, an American and Texas flag, and a warning. The only things missing to complete this hodge-podge epitome would be a horse, a dog, and a pump jack.

Wait. Where's the warning? In Texas, and other states, when a post is painted purple it means "No Trespassing" as per Texas Penal Code Section 30.05. And which I realize, upon reading carefully this morning, I have come precariously close to, if not actually, committing on numerous occasions! Not here, though. I took this picture safely from the public side of the fence.

Today's photo suggestion is courtesy of Diane, of Diane Clancy's Art Blog. Her tag line is "Enhance Your Spirit." Her vibrant art could charm even the cranky spirit of Bob Marley. She currently creates work along several digital art themes, including "bubblescapes" where feather-light bubbles arrange themselves in an amazing array of emotions, and "fanciful animals" where Diane places pets in fields of flowers and butterflies visually portraying their adored place in our hearts. And you won't believe your good luck -- you can easily afford her work to enhance your spirit on any number of products. Imagine sipping your first morning coffee in a mug with your own four-legged Lady surrounded by larkspurs, daisies, and monarchs. If that doesn't enhance your spirit, well, my dear, you must be a bona fide curmudgeon. And you probably hate purple, to boot.

Photo info --
Post-production on this photo was a simple downsize for the blog and 50% sharpen. I'm mostly a point-and-shoot gal not messing much with f stops and aperture settings, even though I plan to get more knowledgable about that in the future. For today, though, to get the background out of focus, I set my camera to "macro," and positioned myself a couple of feet away, then focused on the post.


nelda said...

Great picture! Who would know to look for a purple fence post! Interesting to know that purple means "No Trespassing". I dug way down deep and remembered (with a little research to confirm before writing) that in the world of gas plants, and possibly other industrial facilities, the color purple is used as a warning that Radiation Hazards (X-ray, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neuton, Proton, Deuteron and Meson types) are in the area. So, now the question - does your purple fence post mean "No Trespassing", or does it mean there is radiation in the area?

Neda said...

Visiting your blog is like opening a favorite book that never ends. I have been trying to log on from Beirut but the image dowloads here take so long that I have missed all of last week's entries...And here I am again, with trepidation at the first sign of that post and I am melting with anticipation.

There is something so charming, rustic, truthful, fundamental about your vision that I can never express. You bring that very authentic side of Texas that I do not see in Austin but can only feel through your photos and your incredible stories. The way you approach everything (from blogging to saying adieu to a friend) is so sincere and "solid." I know I am rambling on but I am truly sincerely touched by this live experience I am witnessing through your eyes and heart. Kisses.

ploff!...I think I just fainted! :)

nelda said...

P.S I vote for "No Trespassing"!

Andi said...

Debi, I just adore you. I adore your your photos, your blog, and all the people who write such heartfelt comments on your blog! And I adore the purple post. Only you could turn a purple post into a thing of beauty! You are truly gifted.

Bev said...

Bravo! Very clever to find this, a virtually impossible colour to find, given the background. I wonder why the post has been painted purple, maybe some farmer has a purple side (a bit like the pink one) but a bit more subtle. An almost impossible, but great photo.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

What a great photo!! I didn't mean to stump you ... but you sure came up with a great one!!

Thank you for such a wonderful glowing piece about my work! Thank you so so much! I am very touched!

Thank you!!!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Cool! :) A unique purple post- lol, no pun intended;)
Love the barbwire and the story behind the purple paint...don't think we have any such paint codes here but I guess we must have something! Curious now. I like the fact the the post is your focus not everything behind as well.
See you tomorrow:)

Bobbie said...

Gosh, my dear, that penal code is scary for trespassing. Watch where you step! In any case I love this purple, it is a wild and crazy kind of purple :)

Anonymous said...

You are one adventurous shutter-bug, babes! Nicely spotted. Interesting what Nelda said about purple. And there they are together: the hazardous warning, the barbed wire barrier and the American flag, like a watchdog, keeping guard.

Of what? For whom?

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Another excellent image - the quality of your daily output is phenominal. Your photos, this image, is remarkable.

You havbe a real touch for capturing spirit in a landscape.

I hope you let me poach the

Nicole said...

What a beautiful idea.
Asking your readers for wishes and putting them into Art.
And a wonderful solution for the purple part.
And I learned something new in case I ever get to go to Texas :)
Found you via Diane's latest post :)
Greetings from Kuwait :)!