Sunday, February 17, 2008


Batting cage abstract

After catching up with my posts this morning, I thought I'd spend a little time replying here to inquiries that have been on my mental list:

Quite a while back Bev asked, Which house is mine? Bev, I'm a little surprised you didn't figure it out, using your immense love and awareness of animals. Does that give you a hint?

About the Devil's Claw Valentine, I have to chuckle that several of you noted my romantic nature and a few of you also noted my new cynical point (point, get it?) of view. Irene wanted to know how big the pod is. Imagine the claws wrapping around the toes of your shoe to hitch a ride with you.

I've loved reading the various comments about the ongoing adventures of the pie melon. And I think it's a hoot that dear mom is the only person I know that has also tasted it. It's true the apple doesn't fall from the tree. Or a melon from the vine. ;) To answer Rima's question about the seeds, I believe I read that they are are nutritious -- but are they tasty? I'll keep my eye out for some ripe ones in the field and let you know, seeing as how I'm fearless now. And for Irene's comment about the pioneers being either brave or foolhardy, I guess they were more than a little of both. And hungry.

I'm so glad y'all enjoyed the pictures of the Little Wonders. Your guesses about the tracks were delightful and made me laugh. After some more pondering, I myself wondered if it was a little fellow dragging something home for his family. Irene and others have said they love (and even covet) my camera. I agree. It's a fine camera and I can't thank my mother enough for it. And as all things electronic, it is no longer as expensive as it originally was. Previous to receiving this camera I had one that gave me fits, a Nikon Coolpix. But, recently, I went back to it and played with it a bit, using some tricks that seemed to overcome some of my original problems with it. My biggest complaint was in order to push the shutter, I inevitably moved the camera and couldn't get sharp photos. But this is what I've learned since then, and one you might try with your own camera: to overcome blurry shots in macro mode, or in low light, try using the timer; it will allow you time to steady the camera in your hand before the shot is taken.

Well, I doubt that I've answered all the questions I've left hanging, and if you think of some you still would like to hear back on, nudge me by leaving a comment here. For now, I'm going to consider myself blissfully "caught up" with my blog.

It's time to tackle some much needed housework using my buzzing timer method, alternating between 15 minutes of battling dustbunnies and 15 minutes of delight visiting my blog friends.


Neda said...

I've never seen such a poetic-looking batting cage before!

A question I have always wanted to ask you: How many cameras do you have? And which one is your favorite?

Bobbie said...

As beautiful waves of netting as I ever saw. Gorgeous as a matter of fact. I love seeing the world through your eyes.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

I can see a lot of artsy steroids in this pic....great composition. My best. You know players are reporting for sprin training.....

Bev said...

I have just been looking back at your thumbnail displays to find the picture of the houses, and what a fine collection of photos they are. Well, we knew that, but nice to see the collection you have built up over the months.

I think your clue is of the canine variety. I had to go find the picture of the (possible) canine in question as well. So I deduce that you live at the blue house with large white doggy wandering in front. Maybe those two chairs are where you and Jorges sit of an evening!

Joy Logan said...

I love this screen image!