Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Call Me

"Call Me" or alternatively, "Tempting Monkey John"

An abstract. Can you guess what it is? Or rather, what it once was.


Godinla said...

Looks like a long dead phone book but it's a mushroom that's seen better days.

Debi, I missed you more than anyone else who might claim to mss you. Hold my hand and don't go away again.


D.C. Confidential said...

An old, warped phone book? Great photo, as always! You haven't missed a beat!

Frances said...

I agree. phone book. if it is a mushroom, it is magic.
c'mon, god, I missed Debi so much I visited you...

Bev said...

Clever angle on this one!

Debi said...

Brian, I missed you, too. I don't plan to go away again, but it's nice to know you would hold my hand and ask me to stay.

Janet, thank you, dear. I don't quite feel like I'm back in the photo groove, but I'm working on it. Your photos are to die for!

Frances, my dear Frances. I can't wait to see what you've been up to on your blog. I am totally digging the new icon you have for yourself these days.

Hey Bev! You are on the list too. (Although to be honest I have silently lurked in everyone's blog, simply enjoying.) I am so glad you are here commenting and that you've been blogging Life in Hull. I was afraid that your blog vacation would be permanent and am so glad it wasn't.

Oh yes, it is a phone book, left out in the driveway of an empty house, rained on, wind-blown, and otherwise totally forgotten. I'm sure the traffic that passed by while I was taking this picture wondered "What the....?"

Bobbie said...

Heck, I thought it was an exotic mushroom or the inside of a seed pod :)

John said...

Hilary, these have to be florida chads - what a great image, inspired.

Can you send back the two two dollars I contributed?