Monday, June 02, 2008

Green Antelopehorn

Green antelopehorn, aka Green milkweed, Asclepisa viridis
Roadside near Tahoka, Texas

I've seen this wildflower twice in all my years (almost 32) in Texas. I hope everyone has a good book outlining the wildflowers to be found in their area. According to my 1991 copy (my second, the first I wore out) of Wildflowers of Texas by Geyata Ajilvsgi,
The silky fluff from the seed of milkweed was formerly used in the making of candle wicks. The silk was carded and spun much in a manner of cotton or wool. In the burning, it was far superior to cotton, giving a cleaner light and producing a less offensive smoke after the candle was blown out. This fluff is used by goldfinches to line their nests.
I just love tidbits like that.


Bobbie said...

I never knew antelope horn could be so beautiful :) Love this photo and so good to see you blogging again.

D.C. Confidential said...

Wow, what a gorgeous flower! And who knew?

Godinla said...


Frances said...

Is it a euphorbia? In closeup I don't know. Euphorbias are my faves. We have all sorts appearing from nowhere. Must look this up and find out.
Lovely picture and thank you Debi. I am SO happy to see you back online.
xxxxxxxxxx hugs

Bev said...

A otherworldly flower, epecially when seen close up like this.

John said...

Hilary, it is great you have gone green.