Sunday, June 08, 2008

Portrait of my Mom

Odessa, Texas
March 2008

A loving face that I love.


Godinla said...

I see so much kindness and character in that face. She seems like a sweet, deep woman.

Frances said...

There is nothing better than Mum. Yours is one of the best - we love her too.
This picture is great, it shows where the young mother of the old pictures matured to. Still beautiful, still a little wild but with experience and wisdom added on. Still cheeky too.

D.C. Confidential said...

What a lovely face and kind eyes. Beautiful portrait, Debi.

Bev said...

Like to see a photo of your Mom, to see the face behind all those funny, kind and tolerant comments I got on my blog last year.

Frances said...

Happy Birthday Debi.
You haven't posted yet today, so I have to say it on here.
love and hugs

The Artful Eye said...

A face full of love and kindness. Wonderful portrait.