Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Four O'clock Somewhere

Transplant of Mom's Four O'clocks
First Bloom!

Mirabilis jalapa. The name mirabilis is from the Latin "wonderful." They are also commonly called "Marvel of Peru."

I'm so excited. A couple of months ago Mom shipped a box to Antigone and me full of four o'clocks that she thinned from her own garden.

Let me confess. I'm not always so good about taking care of plants, even as much as I love them. I do ok the first couple of weeks. After that, well, they are on their own.

Thank heaven the rains came at just the right time this year. They picked up where I left off. And this evening (actually about five o'clock) I got my first flower. And a lovely one, at that. Thank you, Mom.

When I was a little girl, living on a farm in New Mexico, I used to pick the different colors of four o'clock blooms from our yard. I'd slip one tube into the other and go on like that until I had a pleasing combination of ruffles. Turned with their ruffles down, I would pretend they were Flamenco dancers or Southern bells at a ball like Scarlet O'Hara.


Bobbie said...

Yea! They're blooming. They smell so wonderful at night too. Enjoy!

Bev said...

This is a most delightful posting. Lovely picture, story and description.

You ought to enter this in one of the posting competitions I have come across. Frankly most of the winning entries are miserable as sin so something like this would be like a breath of fresh air lol

Bev said...

One day I will stop coming out with such cliche-ridden sentences but it won't be soon lol

Irene said...

I would love to be a Southern belle dressed for a ball wrapped in blossoms like these and drink pink champagne. The alluring smell would make all the gentlemen swoon.

Frances said...

looks beautiful. We have something similar here, but with tiny flowers.

nelda said...

That's the first white 4 o'clock I've ever seen - and it is beautiful. I've seen pink ones and yellow ones, but never white. I think they will do fine without much attention and will soon cover quite a lot of ground if they are anything like the ones I know of. Well, during the hot dry summer you might have to squirt some water their way now and then. LOL

D.C. Confidential said...

Oh, they're very Seussical, aren't they?