Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Donna stayed here for three days this past weekend. We went on five separate local photo hunts. Sometimes it's very true that there's no place like home.

Everything is confused at the moment. It is fall (Happy First Day of Fall, y'all), but with the recent rains we've had a lot of plants and critters taking another stab at spring-like behavior, blooming and mating and being very busy.

Here are my favorite compositions from the outings. All look happy, don't they?


Bobbie said...

All do look very happy, especially the upside down caterpillar. I enjoy seeing your photos.

Irene said...

Caterpillars are so round and firm and squishy, I always want to fry them up in a little butter and eat them up. Sort of like escargot, but then Texas style with hot chili sauce on the side.

Bev said...

That caterpillar looks quite comical, and looks like a character in 'Bugs Life'. He has a little smiling mouth LOL

I like the delicate pink trumpet flower against the grainy grey fence.

nelda said...

All pretty, happy pictures. The caterpillar looks like he (she) is posing just for you!

Godinla said...

I often use your photos as my desktop pictures. You are remarkable.

Thanks sweetie.