Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Thing Weekly Challenge

Three views of new Autumn
Odessa, Texas

I sincerely hope Janet at DC Confidential doesn't fall out of her computer chair, but at long last I'm submitting some entries again for this week's Two Things Weekly Photo Challenge:
Blue, Green, and even -- gasp -- a third, Blue & Green.

I liked the beautiful simplicity of the challenge, and it inspired me to submit simple compositions.

Oh, how funny! I'm suddenly reminded of one of my all time favorite songs, "Simplicity is Beautiful" by electric-guitar-jammin' Juliana Hatfield.
Blues...soul...rock... country

Simple feeling...simple feeling
And that's it. That's the song. I can't find a good recording on the net for you to listen to, except this hour long dj mix that includes a nice selection of slow tempo songs, Hatfield's being the second to the last song. (I can't figure how to play just that song with Windows Media Player. Can you?)


Bobbie said...

I like that: Bread...rice...water...fruit, sounds delicious. lol!

Bev said...

I was just going to say I nearly fainted when I saw this LOL

Bobbie said...

Besides that I love seeing the moon in the daytime. Beautiful shot, Debi!

D.C. Confidential said...

Oh, wow! Each of those is fabulous! Your photos continue to inspire awe, Debi. Well done!

D.C. Confidential said...

Oh, wait! I totally missed that these are for the 2 Things Challenge! (I have a horrible tendency to just look at the pictures and read the text after I've commented. Dumb, huh?)

Well, now that I've picked myself up off the floor, all I can say is "YEAH!!!!"

Tash said...

Beautiful. I also saw your dragon/damsel fly - just exquisite.

Maya said...

I like these earthy and unearthly shots. Very nice representations of blue and green.

John said...

That middel pic is a slice of paradise for me.

Great photos, always,