Sunday, November 09, 2008


Virginia Creeper,
Time Machine Master Gardener's Garden,
Odessa, Texas

One day the opportunity will present itself that I may say "thank you" to some local master gardener that had a hand in building or maintaining the demonstration garden that I love so much.


Godinla said...

The colors are so beautiful here, I'd like to taste them. Probably not as tasty as they appear.

Jomamma said...

well put... they look like tropical fruit colors.

Debi, would you mind going my my old home and take a picture of it? I know it won't be anything picturesque like when my mom was living, she was a master gardener. I haven't seen the house in over 5 years. It will probably break my heart, but I would like to see it. 1322 Sunset Blvd. First block off West Co. Rd. down from Taco Villa. You don't have to, but if you are in the neighborhood, I'd appreciate it.

Frances said...

beautiful. and you are getting requests now.

Bobbie said...

The colors do look lucious enough to eat don't they. Where is my spoon?

chosha said...

I love that thing of moving into a subject until the photo is no longer so much about the object as about colour and texture and form. Great photo!