Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Donna's Dream

"Donna's Dream"
Saturday's Sunset on Ranch Road 1601
South of Penwell, Texas

We had a most amazing sunset on Saturday, and that's taking into consideration that we often have amazing sunsets around here. This one, though, was quite possibly Once in a Lifetime. Not only was the sunset simply on fire, but it almost blew our minds when we looked to the east and saw the full moon rising up off the horizon. The moon was displaying its big shining belly right in the middle of pink and orange sunset clouds.

No matter where you live, that does not happen often. And Donna and I were there with cameras, hardly knowing which way to turn.


jomamma said...

We've lived quiet a few places in the past 30 years, none have had sunsets that could compare with West Texas. The Hubby's company before we married was Sunset Tower Service. When he'd service Radio Towers in W. Texas he'd get the best pictures of sunsets from the top of a radio tower 150-200 feet up.

We LOVE the West Texas Sunsets. That's a beauty... nice how it's REALLY dark on the east end, good contrast.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful dream. Ahhh, nothing compares to those "out west" sunsets. That is you in the picture so this must be one of Donna's. Lovely!

Kris Cahill said...

Beautiful! We've had some spectacular ones also, but I've never taken such good photos of them. Nice story, Debi.

By the way, I love your banner here! Fantastic, you rock! Thank you also for the wonderful ones you sent to me. One of them graces my blog now.


Bobbie said...

Or maybe that is Donna in the picture so it must be one of yours? Gosh you and your twin are identical. lol!