Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter, West Texas Style

"Winter, West Texas Style"
Intersection of 42nd & West County Road
Odessa, Texas

A Norther blew in yesterday. In addition to bringing the cold with it, in West Texas that means lots of dust.

Jomamma, come on. You know you miss it! ;)


Andi said...

We had a chinook yesterday (a warm wind from the mountains). In southern Alberta that means lots of slush! :o)

jomamma said...

LOL!!!! I was looking at your new header when I noticed the top of the picture... I actually got excited! A SAND STORM!!!! I miss those.

It's so cool to see them coming in on the horizon... we are supposed to have a heavy front come in tomorrow I hope it brings Lubbock with it.


Bobbie said...

I'm like jomamma, I like the dust storms, well except for having to clean house afterwards. But it is exciting to see them roll in. Nature is such a wondrous thing still. I like your picture very much.

Anonymous said...

I like how you can barely make out the name of Odessa...also the green light...and the compositon, the light - everything.


Frances said...

Reminds me of childhood. In Libya it was the ghibli, lots of sand and red dust - got in everywhere. Then it rained and there was lots of red mud everywhere
I love the colour of the air full of sand.

Frances said...

PS what happened to your imaginary fiance with the tin foil ears?

The Artful Eye said...

Did I mention I love your new banner?

Heck, I don't live in West Texas but where we live with the Santa Ana's can be equally dusty.

I like the green light and how you can barely see the signs.

jomamma said...

I watched all day for our front to come in... it didn't. Supposed to hit tonight sometime. I love that picture.

Joy Logan said...

Debi this is an award winning photo!!!