Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Estigmene acrea, or Salt Marsh Moth -- or possibly a Estigmene albida

I've seen quite a few of these very pretty moths this year, thanks to one of my dogs.

By jumping up to peer into my office window, my new dog, Ansel, has created a large hole in the bug screen. Because the evenings are so pleasant now, I open the glass pane every night. Moths are attracted to my lamp light and thanks to Ansel, there is no barrier. Various critters have easily found their way in to visit me and occasionally to have their portraits taken. For now, I prefer the communion with nature than doing the home repair.

Oh, and maybe I shouldn't use the word pretty to describe this particular specimen, because as per the bug guide site, this is a male moth. He is distinguished from the female by his handsome orange hindwings.

A very Happy Earth Day to all, great and small.


jomamma said...

Moths really creep me out. If I'm out in nature at night I try not to use any lights. That way they won't be attracted to my area.

Maya said...

Happy Earth Day to you too! Nice detail shots.

Bobbie said...

Such a beautiful creature. I love seeing the moths come to my light too. The link was quite interesting.

Godinla said...

That is not real. I claim Photoshop on that one. That is too beautiful to be real.

Frances said...

Thank you. Happy Earth Day to you too.
That moth looks almost cuddly, sort of furry.
We do have some beautiful moths here too. When I first saw some of them I thought they were butterflies.
Good shot as well, your photography is just so great. You must feel really proud of what you have achieved in this artform.
Are you doing any painting these days?

John said...

glorious - in awe