Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tiny World

Tiny flower, tiny bug
Mom's Woods, near Gilmer, TX

Of all the wildflowers I took pictures of in East Texas, I'm not sure why I'm selecting this one, an unknown specimen, about a quarter of an inch in diameter. Maybe because not many will have seen it. Or the bug which is even smaller.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Very delicate and pretty, the bug and the flower and you the master of the close up.

Bobbie said...

Gosh, How tiny. And so very beautiful too.

Frances said...

You are a gift to us, Debi. Lighten our days with your eye and the lovely pictures you take. Is that an aphid? I do hope I'm not saying 'aaah' about an aphid! hah! Next you'll be making me love slugs.