Saturday, May 09, 2009

Star overhead

Picnic shelter
Odessa Meteor Crater (Designated National Landmark),
Odessa, Texas

In spite of the many signs announcing the Odessa Meteor Crater, unless you are a huge meteor buff, it's a little disappointing: just a 500ft diameter depression in the ground, filled with grass and rocks just like all the other ground around it.

Instead I found my own star, the over-head view of the picnic shelter at the crater park.

If you really want to see the crater, you can Google it, or try Texas Bob's site.


Bobbie said...

Don't laugh now, that is where Bill and I went on our honeymoon. I have the pictures to prove it. It was a portent actually about our future together and how we would not travel. And so we haven't!

The Gossamer Woman said...

Yes, this is definitely a more exciting picture than one of a hole in the ground. You take very interesting photographs, Debi. Things I wouldn't think of and they work.

jomamma said...

I'm sorry Bobbie, I'm going to have to up you on that honeymoon story. At least you had nature. The hubby and I went to the Holiday Inn in Big Spring.

Debi you do have a good eye, I love how you make everything look appealing.

Frances said...

Love those colours.
They somehow brought to mind the lunch pail you made for your granddaughter. How is Katlynn, by the way?

Godinla said...

Texas Bob ain't got nothin' on you.